Beetlejuice DIY Costume | Halloween 2015



If like me, you have an obsession with Stripes, than you won’t mind spending your money on pieces for a Beetlejuice costume, as you will get plenty of wear from the after Halloween.

This is obviously a classic costume, but with talks of a sequel coming soon, I think this look will be more popular over the next couple of years.

So the basics are keeping everything black and white, with bold stripes. That part is pretty simple in my opinion.
The hair is probably the most high maintenance part of the look: you want to have white hair, very un-kept and really back-combed, without looking glamorous at all.
The makeup isn’t too tough, keep the face pale, the eye are black and dab a little bit of green around your face, where you would usually contour hair-line, under the cheeks and jawline.

The best part of this look has to be buying black and white stripes, a wardrobe staple and always look chic. Once the makeup looks good and you are wearing stripes, it will be pretty clear who you are, so I wouldn’t stress about wearing an exact replica of Beetlejuice’s suit.
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.30.54
 Do you have your Halloween costume sorted yet? Check out all of my Halloween DIY costume ideas here, and if you would like me to post about a certain look, let me know in the comments below.
Until next time,
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