Wayne & Garth- Wayne’s World | Halloween DIY

This is perfect for a really last-minute costume and is particularly ideal if you have a partner in crime. Luckily both Wayne and Garth have long hair so you only need a wig if you don’t have the correct hair colour.

Everything else should be pretty easy to put together as all you need are some scruffy band tees, ripped jeans and converse. This movie is from 1992, so think 90s with everything you wear!

For Wayne you will want a baseball cap and for Garth a pair of black plastic glasses will complete the look. If you need a little help finding a particular piece, scroll to the bottom of the post: I have your shopping list prepped!



If you need help capturing their personas than take out 3 minutes to watch the clip below. Headbanging is essential when listening to music and throw in some 90s vernacular such as ‘Awesome’ and ‘Gnarly’.

You can also add a comical value to the look by getting an inflatable guitar and head-banging just about everywhere you go!

If you need anything to complete the look, I have found all the clothing and accessories you could need. Shop here.


You will notice that some of the pieces are menswear, but if you have a dad/ brother/ boyfriend who could have some vintage tees or Levis you should definitely ask if you can borrow a couple of pieces.

I hope you are enjoying my Halloween costume series, and if there are any looks you would like me to cover, please let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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