Instagood September 2015 

Who can believe it is October already?! I can’t believe we are getting back into Winter already, the Summer went by way too fast. I have packed away my little Levis cut offs and I am eyeing up my faux furs, dying to wear them again. It hasn’t been cold enough just yet to wear any of my heavy Winter clothing , such as my faux fur, so that is the upside to when it eventually does get really cold.

October is always one of my favourite months, mainly because of Halloween which I possibly love more than Christmas and certainly love more than my birthday! It is also my dad’s birthday month and my boyfriend’s birthday too (they are a day apart which is great for remember both of  their birthdays but terrible for my wallet). And it is also the month I usually treat myself to something fabulous for Winter, which I have! I will be doing a post on my new over the knee boots soon, so check back for that!

Ok so back to September which is the reason why we are all here! If anyone reading this has their own blog, than I 100% recommend putting together a post similar to this, as you get to take a look back over the past month and really appreciate everything you did and all the people you got to see.


So the month started with gorgeous weather. It is pretty typical of Ireland to have sunshine just as all the students get back to school. I love spending time in Conor’s garden, it is maintained and manicured really well, and is a really relaxing place when the weather is nice.




Usually Liza and I go to Gotham cafe on South Anne Street for our lunches, so we decided to be a little adventurous and try out the new fish restaurant across the street called Catch 22. It is a really nice spot to visit if you are a lover of fresh fish, and the staff are really friendly.



I couldn’t pick just one snap from my weekend at Electric Picnic. I had an amazing time with my friends and my sister, and the PUPPIES! I did a full run-through of my weekend in a post, which you can read here.

This was the best way to end my Summer, and if you are considering attending next year, I would totally recommend it, once you don’t mind roughing slightly.






The day after I arrived home from Electric Picnic, I attended to launch of the H&M studio collection in their Dublin flagship store. This was a fabulous evening which included Champagne, even though I had intended on staying away from alcohol for a week after EP! I of course wore H&M, and you can see all the details from the night here.




I am such a non-dieter, and I usually don’t go for salads, but the Chicken Caesar at the Tramyard in Dalkey is delicious. This is one of my favourite spots in Dalkey, especially for their desserts!



Gotta share a selfie every now and again. I love my eye makeup in this look, but shortly after leaving the house, one of my eyes started to water and my tiny flicks were washed away!



We enjoyed a little work celebration this month, when we found out two of our client’s websites which we built were in the semi finals of the Web Awards. We are so lame that our celebration was at Costa coffee, but it was a Monday after all. I am even lamer as that tiny/ pathetic chocolate cake in the upper left corner of the picture was my celebration…. WHAT A WASTE! I should have enjoyed a giant slice of lemon drizzle cake like Dill.



My birthday felt never-ending! Conor’s parents were in California for my birthday, so they brought me back treats from my favourite store: Sephora! I was delighted to get my hands on my first piece of Marc Jacobs beauty which is a gorgeous lip gloss in Moonglow.
They also picked me up two of my favourite products which are the YSL faux cils mascara and the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, which I just reviewed here. As a beauty addict, these are some of the best gifts I could get!



I was delighted to try out a new autumn colour from the SOSU collection Death by Chocolate. I posted a full review of this new polish here.



Another day, another selfie. I actually got a lot of questions about my lip colour on snapchat when I posted this picture, so I will share with you my 90s lip products: Spice liner from MAC and Cashmere velvetine from Lime Crime.



I had absolutely no intention of watching the GAA final this month, but I somehow still ended up at the pub enjoying drinks while it was on. I am pretty sure Dublin won, but I honestly didn’t watch any of it, I am not a sporty person at all! The day was a mini EP reunion, which is such a fun crew, we always have a great time!



I was delighted to attend the launch of the latest designer forum at River Island in Septemebr, especially as the designer in question was Zoe Jordan. Her main collection is amazing, so naturally her collaboration was totally fabulous. I was joined on the night by Amanda from Blog Beauties, who is such a fun gal, and we really love our fashion chats! After taking in the entire collection, Amanda and I got to chat with our favourite blogger Anouska. Every time I see this girl I am taken back by how genuinely nice and lovely she is- I have such a girl crush and style crush! See all of the details from the evening here. 



I have found my new AW nail colour and it is Sally Hansen Wine Not, even the name is amazing! I am red nail obsessed and as Winter gets closer I will be going darker and deeper. Love this colour, I am even wearing it right now!



So I couldn’t let a month pass by without visiting Gotham Cafe with Liza for our usual. I am totally hooked to their garlic prawns and their chips are amazing! If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would probably be this- NO JOKE!



TWO OF MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! I have talked about Deborah and Karl on my blog before but to give you a little insight- the three of us have been friends for 10 years, but Karl and Debs have been friends since they were about 16 or so. Karl now lives in Abu Dhabi and comes home a couple of times a year, so we like to get together for food and drinks whenever he is in the country. I seriously love these two so much, and they make me laugh until my stomach and face hurts.




How many selfies did I take this month?! So the point of this one was to say how it looks like I’m wearing ‘no makeup makeup’ but I am actually CAKED! There is something about snapchat that can make me look like I am bare-faced, when in reality I am wearing all of my beauty products!



One of my favourite things that happened in September, was that Conor decided to grow a beard! I know beards are bit like Marmite you love them or hate them but I think he looks so cute! He hates when I try to take pictures of him for snapchat or instagram, so I had to steal this picture from his from Football team’s facebook page! #ActionShot.



Outfit planning for Winter and I rediscovered my favourite boots from last Winter. I think it is brilliant how Dolce & Gabanna now have a pair of boots really similar to my New Look ones from last Christmas, the embellished heel is a big deal for AW15!



Conor’s parents have green thumbs and are always giving me flowers freshly cut from their garden. I love the colours from these sweet peas, they brighten up the room so much!



Liza and I don’t really like the term ‘Diet’- we prefer balance so we always split a chocolate and hazelnut brownie when we visit Gotham Cafe (is that the third time I mentioned it in one post? I have a problem!). A dessert shared is a dessert you don’t include if counting your calories or macros.



And that was my September. Obviously there was a lot of work that took place, but that’s not instagrammable or as visually appealing. I also spent time with some of my fabulous friends, but not everyone enjoys instagram and snapchat as much as I do, so I like to respect their privacy.


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 15.48.37

You can follow me on instagram here! @ginakiely_

I hope you had a great September too, and that an even better October is under way!

Until next time,

Signature 1



The absolute highlight of my month and possibly Summer, had to be Electric Picnic. If you havn’t read my post on it yet, you can do so here. 


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