Death by Chocolate Nail Polish | SoSu | Classic and Wilde

I was delighted last week when I received a gorgeous delivery from the lovely ladies from Revolve PR, of three nail polishes from the SoSu by Suzanne Jackson collection.

I received a clear top coat, which I really needed, “All that glitters” and “Death by Chocolate”, which is one of the new season colours that has just been added to the collection. All Summer I have been wearing ‘First Date’ from the first collection, and I have heard some improvements have been made to the polishes in this new collection, including a new application brush. There were originally 25 colours in the collection, and 8 new colours have been added for Autumn/ Winter.
The idea of these polishes is to achieve a gel effect without a UV lamp, which means that the finish is glossy, chip resistant and long-lasting.



SOSU Death by Chocolate nail polish review, classic and wilde

As the season changes, so do my nail polish colours. I love to wear dark nudes and even blacks in Winter. What I love about this colour is that as it is brown, it is much warmer than black, while giving a similar effect. The finish is still bold and leave a strong impact, but the slight purple undertone to the brown means it is not as harsh a colour as black.

While we are talking about nail polishes, can we discuss the word varnish? I actually HATE IT! When I think of varnish I think of staining a wooden floor. The word is just so harsh when I say it, it really should not be associated with something as feminine as a manicure. Polish is the only word I would like to use when discussing nails.

SOSU Death by Chocolate nail polish review, classic and wilde

The brush has been made larger, which makes application much easier. If you remember from my last review, I really messed up my nails the first time as I couldn’t get the right amount of product on my nails.

Suzanne recommends having nails filed and buffed before painting, applying a base coat, two colour coats and a top coat for optimal application. I would also recommend this process, as I found with this colour one coat was not great. This is not the type of polish you could apply in a rush with just one coat, you really need the two coats, to achieve an even application.


What else is in my bag? So much random stuff! 

Ray Ban Aviators
Marc Jacobs Moonglow gloss
MAC Boldly Bare lip pencil 
SOSU Death by Chocolate nail polish review, classic and wilde

Final thoughts: I love the colour, the topcoat gives a glossy finish and protects the colour for days. I think the formula will continue to improve, as it is easier to apply this new colour compared to the last one I used. I am not great at DIY manicures, so I need really easy to use brushes and formulas.

You can buy the polishes online here or in Penneys and selected pharmacies across Ireland for €7.99.

What are your thoughts on the SoSu polish range? Let me know in the comments below!
Until next time,

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