Instagood August 2015 | A look back at a great month

I need to try to do these Instagood roundups at the start of the month, as I just can’t remember what the hell happened six weeks ago. My instagram pics do help, but I only instagram, snapchat and blog about a very small portion of my life.

August is always one of my favourite months as it is Summer, and usually the weather is pretty good, but it is also my birthday! Not only is it my birthday, but it is also my mum’s and my sister’s birthdays too so I like to consider it cake month.

In terms of work, August was a really productive and successful month, but it was incredibly busy. Our company took on three extra clients in the space of a few days, and we also had several meetings and proposals in between so I felt like I barely had a minute to myself.

I had to start the month off with a selfie! I remember this was the day Conor and I visited his family in Brittas Bay for a big BBQ and the weather was particularly gorgeous. We sat out in the garden for the afternoon and ate a obsene amount of food and enjoyed a couple of glasses of prosecco. I love family gatherings, even if they arent my family! I just love people getting together and sharing stories and reminiscing, it’s what life is all about. I posted the details to my all white look here. 

Ok who didn’t make their way to Penneys last month to pick up some candles? They were all over Instagram and Snapchat, and I was not about to miss out, especially as they actually went really well in my sitting room. The lamp is from Dunnes but it is a few months old and may not be available anymore, but the frame and candles are from Penneys and I believe are still in store now.

The basics: My Ray-Ban aviators were never far from reach this Summer, and even though the weather is starting to change, they are still in my handbag. I love this seventeen lip gloss which was such a bargain from Boots. My Studio Fix powder from MAC is essential on sunny days to keep shine away.

In my family we tend to celebrate just about everything, but this really was a very big deal! My Sister Tara had passed her driving test and we were all totally delighted for her. I still have to sit my test, so she is so far ahead of me, but hopefully I will be posting something similar about myself over the next 12 months or so… fingers crossed!

Going for lunch with Liza is one of my favourite things to do for several reasons, shes funny and smart, a great listener and a really supportive friend, but she also always splits a dessert with me! Shes a keeper! Our favourite spot is Gotham Cafe of South Anne Street in town, and their chocolate hazelnut brownie is divine!

Another amazing friend, who I gushed about in this blog post, is my gorgeous girl Edel. We spent the afternoon in House one Saturday (read about it here) and got quite tispy (totally drunk) on their amazing cocktails! I can’t remember a time where I laughed so much, this was really a great day!

I try not to get jealous, I am very lucky in my life and I know that, but last month Conor got to go to Vegas and I didn’t and it was all very unfair! Conor and I lived in Vegas together for a year, so it is OUR place, so it was very strange for him to go back there without me. To soften the blow he did drop into Sephora and bring me back some gorgeous goodies. YSL Mascara, Naked skin concealer and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

Some of my favourite eye products of the moment. I am constantly gushing about the warm neutral palette from MAC, but it genuinely is AMAZING! You can read my full review here.
My other favourites are:

One of my favourite bags of all time, this was a Christmas present from Conor two years ago and it is the perfect size bag for running errands or going for drinks. Shop this Vivienne Westwood bag here. On this particular day I was having my eyelash extensions refilled at Hyde Grooming. You can read all about my lash extensions here.

If you saw my wardrobe you would probably be surprised with how much colour I actually have in it. For some reason I am just obsessed with black and white, and it’s what I feel most comfortable in. This is my mirror selfie from my afternoon in house with Edel. You can see all of my outfit details here.

I am a sucker for a little gimic, and when Greta spotted an alphabet earring set in H&M for €4.99, I had to have them. So I have kept the G & K obviously, and to be a cheesy girlfriend I also kept Conor’s initials. I also like wearing the X & O together and other than that I have a load of random letters. I did give my sisters and a few friends their initials, and they seemed to be appreciated gifts.


Flowers and floral scents. My favourite perfume in the world is the Jo Malone Blush Suede and Peonies, I spoke about it earlier this year when Conor bought me this bottle for Valentine’s Day. My bracelets are from Mango and my watch is a ToyWatch.

Face of the night, I was heading out with my college pals for a drinks in town so I was caked! You can see all of the products I used in this blog post. I love how dark my hair is in the picture. I have much lighter ends but you can’t see them in this lighting, or it could be the filter I have applied. I am really excited to change my hair soon, I am dying to get a much shorter chop and just really change my hair for the first time in years.

Here is a better look at what I wore that night, which was a little black dress. I wasn’t sure where we would end up in town, so I thought I little black dress was best. As it is part of my uniform, I couldn’t go out without my leather biker jacket, even in Summer it is an essential for me. See all the outfit details here

When I am not wearing strappy heeled sandals, I am usually in my Nike runners. It is only in the past few months I have found a new appreciation for runners, and usually I would only wear them when working out. Now you can’t get these guys off me, I am totally converted! Shop my Nike runners here

Ok so I don’t always wear my runners, when I want to look a little smarter (even in ripped jeans) I usually go for my silver River Island loafers. Now, how amazing is this tile floor? Our company has been working with CocoBoutique in town for a couple of months and I popped in to see their new shop fit after a major renovation. I am totally obsessed with this tile floor, it is so beautiful and gorgeous. The entire store is so much bigger now, it is really bright and airy and there is so much more fashion to enjoy now.

I am a member of the Irish Blog Association, which you can join here, and every couple of months there are meet ups. In August the meet up took place in the Wine Cave at KC Peaches, which was a fabulous venue. I had never ventured down to the Wine Cave and I am really looking forward to going back, it is a very cool location, which looks like a cellar, with an extensive drinks menu. ANYWAY, I digress, the blog association meet up was quite successful, I do wish I had the opportunity to chat to more people, but I had a really good catch up with Doireann and Amanda from Blog Beauties, Kellie from Let them have Fashion and Jessika from Choas Wearing Lipgloss. We heard from the Dublin 2020 team on the night, who are campaigning for Dublin to be the European Capital of Culture in 2020. There are loads of ways you can get involved with this campaign, so check out their website here. The next meet up will be in October I think, which I will make sure I can attend!

Don’t ask me to lunch unless you’re willing to share a dessert with me! I went for lunch with my gorgeous girl Edel, who I keep gushing about, as an early birthday treat. It was a gorgeous day so we headed to the Tramyard in Dalkey and chilled out for a couple of hours. Edel lives in Donegal throughout the academic year, so this was our last chance to have a proper chat for a few months anyway. The upside down raspberry cheesecake is amazing and I recommend it to all!

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS…. fucking wish! Michelle Montgomery is my favourite girl to go to get makeup on fleek! I wish I had her talent, but luckily she has been able to fit me in for a fabulous makeover every time I really needed to look good. Michelle is based in Dundrum and you can book in for makeup with her via her facebook page here.

Soder + Ko is one of my new favourite spots! It serves asian tapas food and insane cocktails. The actual building is gorgeous, it used to be the Dragon on Georges st and it is very cool now. It is a restaurant but also a bar so if you are around town looking for some delicious cocktails I would recommend trying here and heading out to the terrace.

I decided to have my birthday dinner here after hearing so many amazing recommendations, and it really did not disappoint. The food was incredible and I was joined by a fun group.

You can see all of the outfit details on this blog post. I really loved my birthday outfit, even though it was a total panic to put it together. Two days before my birthday my dress from ASOS arrived, and although it was gorgeous, it did not look good on me. I found this little number while having a mad dash around town looking for something last-minute.


My birthday night was more about quality over quantity. I was joined by a small group of friends who I really love, especially this girl Greta. I have spoken about her quite a bit on here, but it is hard to convey how much she really means to me. I couldn’t imagine celebrating my birthday without her.

My birthday is the 31st of August, which was a monday this year. I obviously had to work so Conor surprised me with fresh cream and jam doughnuts at lunch time, which tasted even better than they look. I love celebrating my birthday, especially when cakes are involved!

Well that was a fun month! I love taking a couple of hours to look back over the highlights of the month, and there are so many more moments that didn’t make the ‘instagood’ cut. Thanks for checking out my latest post,
until next time

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For September’s instagood roundup, Electric Picnic will be a big feature! You can read all about my weekend here. 


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