Electric Picnic Festival 2015 | Music and Art Festival

* I took a little break from blogging last week so this post is later than I would have liked. I was feeling really under the weather during the week, I had a lot of work to catch up on and I really wanted to take a break from my blog as it was feeling a little more like choir than a hobby. I am back to normal now so you can expect two to three posts a week once again*

I have been counting down the days to Electric Picnic since February when I first purchased my ticket, and it did not disappoint. I am certainly a little worse for wear after such an intense (in tents… sorry, I heard that pun the entire weekend) festival, but it was completely worth it! The line up was really exciting, and I did get to see most of the acts which I wanted to. Stradbally is just the best possible location for something like this, as the size of the grounds are just incredible.

It is so hard to sum up such an amazing weekend, so I have decided to sum up my top 5 highs and lows of the festival


  1. The performances: Florence & the Machine, Sam Smith, The Dublin Gospel Choir and The Riptide Movement are only a handful of acts that were totally amazing. My actual highpoint of the entire weekend was watching Florence & the Machine from my friend Declan’s shoulders and screaming along, while she put on the performance of a lifetime. I also enjoyed visiting the rave in the woods again this year. I am not really that into dance music, but the rave in the woods provides the best people watching opportunities, as it is when people really let loose!
  2. The Food: Some of Ireland’s best restaurants can be found scattered through the festival, and two of my favourites were Kanum and the big blue bus pizza. There are so many incredible options, but you can also keep it simple with burger and chip vans found just about everywhere.I honestly think I gained about half a stone over the four days as I didn’t watch what I ate at all, and enjoyed every bite!
  3. The weather: Did it rain once? I don’t think so. For a country with seriously unpredictable weather, this has been two years in a row which the sun has made an appearance for the weekend. I had panicked on the Thursday as Dublin was freezing so I added a couple of extra jumpers and leggings to my bag, but I actually got away with shorts and skirts all weekend. I will go through all of my looks below.
  4. The PUPPIES! My lovely ranch had a section where you can visit rescue puppies and soothe your hangover with cuddles and a doggy kissing booth! Many of the dogs had been abandoned or abused and they needed a little love. I stayed here for half of my sunday just cuddling some of the sweetest dogs you ever could meet. The whole ranch area was very chilled out, with music and puppies and hay bales, a perfect way to spend a sunday!
  5. My Picnic family: There was no drama, no stress, just a lot of fun. I love my picnic family, everyone looked after one another and we all stuck together for most of the weekend. Although most of us are incredibly laid back, it worked out that a couple of people were great organisers and rallied everyone together to make sure we didn’t miss out. I was so happy with where we camped as my sister was 30 seconds away and all of our neighbours were gas.


  1. Port-a-loos: I don’t think I need to further explain, they are depressing and gross.
  2. Camping: I did bring a blow up pillow and self-inflating mat, eye mask and earplugs, but sleeping was still quite difficult. My back is still killing me and I felt as though I could sleep for a week straight when I came home.
  3. Lack of Mirrors: I have no idea what I actually looked like for half of the weekend. It can be freeing t0 just forget about your appearance for a while, but I would have really loved a mirror when getting ready in the mornings. I think it is safe to say I had a bad hair weekend.
  4. Lack of internet: I am on E mobile and I couldn’t snapchat or instagram the entire weekend! I actually had so many funny videos and pictures ready to share but I just couldn’t get them to load up.

I can’t think of a fifth! To be fair the other four are pretty small complaints, Electric Picnic has been one of the highlights of my year! I am already mentally planning for next year. I think as I will be 29 next year though, I may need to upgrade my camping situation and either go for a boutique campsite or a b&b/ hotel!

Day 1// What I wore

This is my only makeup selfie because I had a running eye all weekend. If nobody knows what I am talking about, it is when one or both eyes are constantly watering and the corning of them becomes really irritated. Luckily I had two pairs of sunglasses with me to keep my dodgy running eye makeup hidden!

I would also like to mention the blanket/ scarf I am wearing around my neck, which was the best thing I bought for EP and winter in general. It is a giant blanket so I was able to wear it as scarf, sit on it when chilling on the ground, and use it as blanket at night, especially on the Saturday night when it was particularly cold. Honestly this is my favourite Autumn purchase so far!  The blanket cost €26 and is from Zara, shop here.

This was Sean and I celebrating our tent going up, I did very little to help, but I was happy to have a place to stay for the weekend! Sean has a two bedroom tent and lets me have my own little space and privacy, such a good friend. Last year I was the only girl in our little EP group, but I was delighted this year that two more girls were able to join us, Ali and Helen.

Day 2// What I wore

The Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, we lay out by the main stage and watched some bands like The Riptide Movement and really just chilled out.

I got to spend a lot of time with my sister Ria, as she was staying right by my tent. We had a lot of fun together over the weekend, and it was nice to have each other close by when we wanted to do something away from the groups we came with.

Two of the funniest boys who I have been on a couple of trips with now, Jim and Shane. They always make me laugh, but they also walk me home and wait outside the bathroom for me so I don’t get lost. Such gents.

Day 3 // What I Wore

Declan and I had planned a prosecco bar day months in advance and I Sunday we finally made it! We started with a little Kanum pad thai and then watered over to the bar to split a bottle between us. I thought we may have had champagne flutes but unfortunately it was just bland plastic cups. Also, they couldn’t give us the glass bottle, so the entire bottle was split between our two cups, not as classy as I envisioned. 

I first found the dogs with Declan and then I actually returned later with my sister as I just wanted so many puppy cuddles. All of the dogs were so sweet, I hope the My Lovely Ranch come back next year. 

High point of the weekend (literally) Declan lifted me up on his shoulders so I could watch Florence and The Machine and I am actually loving life. Trying to see Florence was pretty tough as the main stage was so jammed, and the sound wasn’t great, again because there were so many people. I stand at a pretty average height of 5’5″, but I could barely see anything until Declan lifted me up and I just had the time of my life!   

I wish I had a better picture of the stage, but it was pretty hard to get a good shot jumping around on someone’s shoulders. Florence gave the most amazing performance, where she was running all over the stage, running into the crowd and belting out some amazing tunes. I really want to go and see them again, as it is such an amazing show!

Onto the wood, here are all the boys together: Jim, Sean, Tom, Shane and Tobo; some of my favourite people. I wish I had more pictures from the woods, as the lighting was just amazing. If you can imagine a tree packed wooded area and lights breaking through the trees, it is really cool.

I love how tired I am is written all over my face. This picture was taken at about 3 or 4 am on the Sunday, after a  long weekend. Ria looks fresh as a daisy, but  I suppose that’s life when you’re 19 years old!

DEAD! Finally heading home, and Jim was driving. I was so happy I didn’t have to get a bus home as that would have just killed me! We got to stop off in Naas on the way home and get McDonald’s which is an apres picnic essential!

Thank you to everyone who made my weekend such a treat, and thank you for checking out my latest post!

Until next time,

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