My Birthday Wish List | August 2015

Today is my birthday and I am really feeling the love. I was out on Saturday night for dinner and drinks with some really fabulous friends, and today I spent my day working and celebrating with cakes (yes that is plural, and I am not complaining!). I also got to enjoy a great catch up and lunch with a girlfriend on Friday, have a lot of plans to grab drinks with friends at Electric Picnic this weekend and an overdue catchup/ wine night is planned for the following weekend…. so rather than a birthday is almost a birthmonth. To be fair, it is really hard to get everyone together at one time, so I am happy to spread the out the celebrations if it means I get quality time with my favourite people, and hopefully more cake!

I didn’t think I was going to able to come up with a wish-list for my birthday this year, as I am pretty content with my life and my belongings. However, a quick browse around some of my favourite shops and I suddenly had 9 amazing items that I would love to have in my life… someday!

This year I have been a little more practical with my present, as I am getting insurance and driving lessons from my family. I have never really wanted to drive, I live in between the 46a route and the green luas. With such great public transport at my door, I have been able to put off driving for a long time, but my provisional licence will expire in about 6 months so I need to at least sit my test if I am to renew it. Anyway,  lets get back to the reason why we are all here, to oogle over some fabulous fashion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 14.03.01

Ok so I will work right to left, from top to bottom to run through all of my birthday wishlist items, which there is no chance of me actually getting.

  1. Mango leopard faux fur coat: Leopard has to be my favourite print, although it is basically a neutral as it goes with just about everything. Throughout Winter I will be living in my faux furs and I would love to add a leopard to that collection. I usually wear all black anyway, so this coat would be the perfect statement piece missing from my wardrobe. Shop here.
  2. Red YSL flap bag: Red is my favourite colour, when I actually do wear colour, and this bag is a classic and a statement in one, a little like the coat I just mentioned. This YSL bag is a slightly more affordable bag compared to the classic flap Chanel (only slightly as they both cost a couple of thousand). I love the gold hardware, and the shape of this bag makes it great for day and night. Shop here.
  3. Alexander McQueen scarf: I used to collect the Alexander McQueen skull scarves when I worked in Harvey Nichols, I think I have about five of them, and one in a leopard print. I did feel like my collection was complete, until I laid eyes on this one! It is a gorgeous rose print in ivory and beige on silk chiffon. DREAMY! Shop here.
  4. Sophia Webster heels: The most exciting shoe designer of the past couple of seasons, for me, has to be Sophia Webster. I would love to say I already own a pair of her fun and flirty heels, as I am in love with almost every design she comes out with. I chose this pair as it ticks so many boxes for me: rose gold, black, strappy sandal design and the cherry on top has to be the pom poms! Every angle and aspect of these heels are gorgeous with amazing details. An added bonus for me, is following Sophia’s snapchat (sophiawebster) as she and her team seem to have an incredible amount of fun doing what they do so well. Shop here.
  5. Kate Spade little gold book: I have an obsession with notebooks, and as an unorganised person I always need something to write in and take notes. A gorgeous notebook is always a great accessory, and I would keep this one in my bag 24/7! Shop here.
  6. Whistles biker jacket: The biker jacket is a staple in my uniform. Come rain or shine I am in a black leather biker jacket, but I have never really splashed out on a really amazing one. I usually stick to places like Zara, but I would love to have a really stunning luxury leather biker jacket. Shop here.
  7. Links of London rose gold and black watch: The last time I got a really gorgeous watch for my birthday was about five years ago, and even though I still love it, I have always wanted a wardrobe of watches. I think watches are something you can collect that are really worth the investment. Again my rose gold obsession has surfaced, and I love the contrast of the metal next to the black leather. OK so this watch is actually for men, but I have never been one for the dainty and ladylike pieces. Shop here.
  8. Vintage Louis Vuitton weekender: I have wanted one of these for half of my life! I do have a black LV speedy handbag, but I have always wanted to be someone who travelled the world with an oversized Louis Vuitton on her arm. It is a total fantasy, but I genuinely do think if I did own a really fabulous travel bag than I would be more inclined to take more weekend breaks and trips away. I know that sounds a little crazy, but that’s really just how my mind works. Shop here.
  9. ASOS over the knee boots: Before you get too excited about these boots, at the time of writing this they are sold out. I am hoping they will come back in stock soon as they are really gorgeous and simple boots for winter, and the price point is really good! I live in boots during the Winter but I am missing a really fabulous knee/ over the knee boots from my wardrobe. Shop here.

If anyone is in a gifting mood after all that, I would love to direct you to a charity I really believe in, where you can make a donation which will actually change lives, unlike any of the items I have listed above. Working in town, I unfortunately see a lot of homeless people living, sleeping and begging on the streets. Winter is coming and the weather is going to get colder, darker and wetter. Focus Ireland help provide shelter, hot water, food, clothing and more for people and families who are homeless, and they do amazing work with the donations they receive. If you would like to make a donations please click here. Birthdays and wish lists are great, but we do have to remember to give back and take care of our community, as there are people around us who have next to nothing.

Thanks so much for checking out my latest post,
until next time

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