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You know those people who get totally hooked to exercise and experience withdrawals if they go days without a visit to the gym? I will never be one of those people unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with going to the gym, and I usually do feel better afterwards, but I wouldn’t necessarily choose a workout over an extra hour in bed.

Since returning home from my holidays in JUNE (yes two months ago) I can count on one hand how many times I have been to the gym. I am getting back into my routine, aiming to go three times a week and will increase it back to four times hopefully.

After taking such a long break from the gym, I felt like I had undone everything I had worked so hard for. When I finally did get back to the gym, I was pleasantly surprised at what I was still able to do. To be honest my fitness levels when it comes to cardio has drastically deteriorated and 10 minutes on the cross training is now a nightmare! I will have to work on that over the coming weeks.

The worst thing about taking a break and then heading back to the gym is the pain and aches that come with it. It is normal to experience a little ache after a good workout, but when you haven’t worked out muscles in a while, the ache is intense and almost enough to turn you off from working out again! So I have combined my list of tips to help with after workout aches and pains, which means that you can avoid the intense pains and severe stiffness after your first visit to the gym/ bootcamp etc.

  1. Foam Roller
    This is a great way of stretching out your muscles after a workout, and improving blood circulation. It it similar to having a massage, and may even be slightly painful as you work out knots in your muscles, but it will be worth it the next day. Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 16.57.46
    Women’s Health magazine have lined out the best ways to use your foam roller here.
  2.  Muscle Soak Bath
    When possible I like to take a long hot bath with the radox muscle soak after an intense workout. It won’t instantly fix the pain, but it will alleviate it, and it is always nice to pamper yourself. I find baths particularly effective after leg day, as the next day walking/ sitting can be really difficult, a bath makes it easier.
    Find out more here.
  3. Heat patches
    For the more intense pains I have been using nurofen heat patches. They heat up within 5 minutes and I put them on directly to areas that are stiff or sore. I recently had a sore leg/ ankle and shoulder so these really came in handy, and they work for about 8 hours! They work directly on the area to alleviate pain and stiffness.
    Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 17.01.21Read all about the heat patches here, how and when to use them.
    If you have a more serious injury, such as a sprain, these guidelines should be followed and heat patches should not be applied.
    In general Nurofen is a brand that I trust, as their painkillers have never let me down. I am allergic to a lot of painkillers, but lucky for me Nurofen is not one of them.

I hope these tips help you get back into they gym with as little pain as possible. If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them, as I worked on my core yesterday and now sneezing and laughing hurts!!!

Until next time,

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