Festival Packing List | Electric Picnic 2015

This year I am attending Electric Picnic for the second time, so I think I have a little more knowledge this year of the essentials and nonessential.

I am really excited, however I am totally unorganised! All I have is my ticket and a tent, because I am staying in my friends tent…. so really all I have accomplished is buying my ticket. If I do leave anything off this list of essentials, please let me know in the comments below.


Chilling in tent last year, just after we set it up and before all our neighbours showed up. Our tent style was one of the most popular of the year, as EVERYONE had one. I thought it was really cute how my boyfriends mum had given me some gorgeous ribbon to tie to the tent, but it actually came in handy when I was searching for our tent in the dark. If you can stick something large and noticeable on the top of your tent, you will appreciate it in the small hours when you are ready to collapse into bed!

Lets start with the absolute basics and essentials:

  • A tent-DUH! I am lucky that I don’t have to do this, as I am sharing with a friend, but try to buy yours early before they start to sell out and the more expensive options are the only ones available.
  • Sleeping bag: I was so wrecked/ hung over last year that I gave someone else my sleeping bag just I wouldn’t have to carry it home… great thinking. Oh well, I can pick one up cheap enough, Argos is usually my go to shop.
  • Self inflating matt ok not an absolute essential, but if you are looking for a good night sleep, then this is really worth the investment! I loved mine from last year, but I sent it off with my sleeping bag thanks to my complete laziness. Again, that’s an Argos job.
  • Inflatable pillow- I have ordered one from eBay which cost about €2, and hopefully that will help me sleep that little bit better this year. Last time I was using a hoodie, and it just wasn’t the same.
  • Eye mask & ear plugs-again not a total basic, but I really appreciated it last year. Sleeping in a tent can be quite vulnerable, you can hear every noise around you, so I prefer to pop in earplugs, cover my eyes with a sleep mask and drift off a little easier. I picked up a set from dealz for €1.49 which is for travelling and it contained a set of earplug, an eye mask and a travel toothbrush. PERFECT!
  • Another essential for me is a power bank. There are charging stations at Electric picnic, but having a power bank means you can keep your phone on you at all times. I would recommend getting a bank with 10000mAh capacity or higher to see you through the entire weekend if you plan on using your phone for facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. I found my one on eBay but you can buy 8000mAh in Penneys, so maybe treat yourself to two?!

I won’t recommend that you buy a chair as the effort of carrying it down is ridiculous and they sell fold up chairs there for about €20. Buy one the minute you get down there and relax. Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 16.23.13

Click on the image above to shop my boots edit of beauty essentials! 

So at this point your pretty golden, but lets keep you looking good. Let’s talk beauty:

  • DRY SHAMPOO– yes you can shower and yes there is limited access to hair dryers and straighteners but you will lose a day of your life queuing up for everything. Instead, I would recommend dousing your hair is Batiste at night before you sleep, but DON’T brush it through. Go to head with a white powder hair and wake up to volumised gorgeousness. As you sleep the powdery spray will work away and absorb excess oil meaning your hair will be fab in the morning. If you forget to put it in the night before, try to leave it untouched in your hair for at least ten minutes in the morning.  ALSO- bring a hair brush, mini hair spray, bobby pins and bobbins so you can keep your hair under control. Buy my favourite Batiste here.
  • Micellar water- The product EVERYONE already has, but seriously, it is amazing. Bring a tube of cotton pads and this water will take off your makeup and can be used as a DIY shower if you get muddy or gross. You can now buy really cute travel sizes which are more than enough for a weekend. Buy it from boots here.
  • Toner- not totally essential, but a refreshing toner spritz could help bring you back to life the morning after. I am currently using this one from botanics and I really love it.
  • Moisturiser– Pretty much every aspect of a festival will dehydrate you, but don’t let it dehydrate your skin.
  • SPF– last year the weather was stunning and one of the guys got totally burned to a crisp. Bring a sun factor with you and apply it even when it seems a little cloudy.
  • Deodorant– Obvious reason, don’t be that person that stinks the whole weekend. You might feel gross by the end of the weekend, but you won’t smell it!
  • Perfume– again, not totally essential, but if you have one that is cheap and cheerful bring it along. The main smells of the weekend will be chip vans and port-o-loos so a fresh floral scent will be refreshing. If you have any of those tiny 5ml samples, now is a great time to use them.
  • Toothbrush- I already mentioned this as I picked up a travel set in dealz, but don’t forget the travel toothpaste and mouthwash. After hours of drinking and eating chips, listerine can sometimes be the only thing that makes you feel alive again.


I do not bring anything that isn’t cheap and cheerful and easily replaced, because expensive stuff has no business being in a tent. I will pretty much do my makeup like I do any other day, if not slightly more dramatic. I am on the look out for gold glitter or pretty face paints to add that extra glamour to my festival look. Last year I loved the golden leopard print Clarissa painted on my face.


Next up is the clothing and you really have to pack for every season! Last year it was wet and dreary on the way down and about ten minutes after we had our tent set up, Summer hit! Irish weather is so unpredictable so it is best to be prepared for sunshine and rain.
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 09.56.43

  1. Hunter Wellies- It may sound a little excessive to buy an expensive pair of boots, but I went to Oxygen one year in a cheap pair and my feet were wet and sore for the whole weekend. These boots are totally worth the investment! I have my pair for about four or five years now and they are perfect for festivals, flooding and snow, so you will actually get the wear from them. Shop here. 
  2. Levis shorts– I love shorts for a festival, and I like to scour eBay for bargains. I have two pairs, one denim and one cream, and they are probably the only bottoms I will bring for the weekend. Shop here. 
  3. Knee socks– There are several reasons why you will want a couple of pairs of knee socks with you over the weekend. The first is because the rubber from welly boots can really irritate skin and it is nice to have a little barrier to protect your skin. Secondly you can keep your legs warm when it is a little chilly by pulling the socks up as high as they go! And finally they are great to disguise any bad tan or patchy skin on the third day, with is very likely if you are wearing a false tan. Shop here.
  4. A knit top– Even if the weather is gorgeous throughout the day, the nights can be really cold, so having a knit top to throw over will come in handy. You can keep on trend with this fringe tassel knit from missguided. Shop here.
  5. Clean tees and tanks– you will want options of different tee shirts for the weekend, it is easy to get stained or sweaty, so you will be thankful to have one or two backups just in case. Shop this mermaid off duty tee here.
  6. Pack-a-Mac– If (when) the rain comes you will want something to keep you dry and a rain poncho is perfect. I picked this mac which looks like a leopard fur coat because that is so much more fun than a standard black mac. Shop here.
  7. Biker Jacket– A biker jacket is simply part of my uniform, I don’t go anywhere without one. Perfect to wear over denim cut offs, or a floaty dress. For me, a good biker jacket is essential and this one has FRINGE! Shop here.
  8. Ankle Boots– When the weather is nice, and there isn’t too much mud, a pair of ankle boots are the perfect alternative to the chunky welly boot. I have an almost identical pair in the same snake print and I will be bringing them to electric Picnic with me. They are really comfortable and the print is more of a neutral so it goes with everything. Shop here.
  9. The Boho dress– When Florence takes the stage at Electric Picnic, I want to be in something bohemian and fun. It is a festival, so the boho style is perfect for dressing up as most pieces are slightly loose-fitting and comfortable. Shop here. 

Make sure you also bring plenty of underwear, clean socks and something warm for sleeping in. I will probably also bring one of my oversized blanket capes, to use as a scarf, blanket and cape!

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.10.42

I have rounded up some finishing touches here, to shop this edit click here, or on the image. I love flash tattoos, the first time I wore them was at Electric Picnic last year, so I have to get more this year.
Sunglasses are a complete essential, protecting from the bright sun and hiding tired/ hung over eyes.
As mentioned above, I love a blanket cape, it is multi functional and a great piece to add to your festival wardrobe.
Body jewellery, bracelets, necklaces and stacking rings are all festival essentials for me, the more the merrier.
A cross-body bag is another essential, as it allows you to keep your hands free, I love the fringe one.
If dry shampoo isn’t your thing, than a hat will save you on a bad hair day, which is usually the Sunday!

Shop all pieces here.

Ok so that is pretty much it, except for things like mints, food, hand sanitizer, kleenex tissues, toilet paper and water.

If there is anything else I could have forgotten to include, let me know in the comments below! So who else is coming to EP? I am getting really excited now!

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