July Insta-Good round-up | Classic and Wilde

I actually love doing these monthly round-up posts, as it is so easy to forget all the fun moments one month can have. I know I post about a lot of my activities, but there are smaller moments which don’t make it onto the blog, and it is so nice to have a photo memory with friends and family of moments.


I don’t think my month could have gotten off to a more delicious start! A create-your-own-magnum bar launched in Arnotts in town and I was invited along to be one of the first in Ireland to taste it for myself. I went with one of my best friends Deborah, and I wrote all about the night in this post.


The following evening I was invited to the premier of MAGIC MIKE XXL by my fellow blogger friend Jessika from ChaoswearingLipgloss. The movie was really fun, it obviously won’t be nominated for any Oscars, but it is a good laugh. I had a great time with Jessika, and I am so grateful she chose to bring me as her plus one.


I was craving some fringe, and the ASOS sale came to my rescue. This jacket is from River Island, but it is now sold out. I have found a similar one here though.


I had one very civilised afternoon tea to celebrate my friend’s baby shower. The evening was not quite as civilised, but it was a really fab day! You can see all the details here. 


Couples who dress together to be fair when you wear all black all the time it is bound to happen. Although this is not the first time we have worn matching clothing, and probably won’t be the last. I find it really funny, but Conor thinks it is super cringe, which it is!


Everyone went crazy for Strobing this Summer, including myself. I shared my four favourite products for strobing, and how I apply them, on this blog here.


I attended my first Irish Blogger Association evening in June and had a great time! I met lots of new bloggers, and people who I have been following for so long! There is another meet up later this month and I am really excited to see everyone again.

Here I am with Amanda and Doireann from Blog Beauties and Kelly from Let them have Fashion.


I have no self-control! I went to meet of my best friends for lunch and I was all about the protein. We were in Gotham Cafe, and I was all about the garlic prawns, feeling so healthy. Then…. we decided to split a chocolate hazelnut brownie. I regret nothing, it is a very good brownie and when you split a dessert with a friend the calories just don’t count.


So the diet didn’t get much cleaner, but we had to celebrate. We found out in work that we were receiving an award from the FAI for the digital media work we carried out with Cabinteely F.C. Obviously our first stop was to Real Gourmet Burger in Dun Laoghaire to toast our success…. with beef. I had the New Yorker and it was UNREAL!


The celebrations continued, with my family surprising me with prosecco and treats. Even Smokey wanted to toast, although he actually just wanted to knock over the glasses.


Then we were off to pick up our award in Sligo. ROADTRIP! Obviously had a sneaky bottle of prosecco in my bag, the celebrations were just beginning.


You can read all about our trip to Sligo, the awards evening and of course, what I wore, on my blog post here.



I have a Summer leather jacket, and a Winter leather jacket. This is obviously my Summer look, and usually what I wear on a day-to-day basis. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING except for the shiny silver shoes.


Another ASOS sale delivery, that’s two in one month, but my bank froze my card when they thought this purchase was unusual activity! WHAT?! You can see everything I bought here, and shop everything that has not sold out yet.


Back to Gotham Cafe, but this time with my sister Tara and my mum. We were heading to the Grape and Gander launch night and enjoyed a delicious dinner beforehand. I am such a creature of habit, and once I find something I love, I stick with it. The prawns are seriously GIANT and amazing, and they really know what they are doing with their chips. I seriously recommend this place to EVERYONE! Really good food, decent prices and great service. 


I attended the Grape and Gander evening with my mum and my sister Tara (see pic below), but also got to see a bunch of my fellow blog ladies, check out the post here to see everyone who attended the evening.



The 25th of June marked the five-year anniversary of Conor and I meeting. Five years really flies, I still remember the night we met so well! Unfortunately we couldn’t celebrate as he was in Cork and I was out with friends, but we did have a cinema date a few days later.


My runners have not been getting many trips to the gym, so I decided to treat them to a trip to Aviary Lane. Liza, one of my favourite people, was giving me some fabulous eyelash extensions, which I am still obsessed with today!


Here is the finished look! I am obviously CAKED, heading on a night out, but my lashes are amazing! see my full review here.


From where I sit: I actually ripped these jeans myself, and even cut the cuffs off the end to give a totally new look to a simple pair of black skinny jeans. I wear them way more now that they are slashed.


The evening started pretty tame with drinks in Grafton Lounge. Such a fun little crew to enjoy my saturday night with.


Every day I have the best of intentions to eat really clean and healthy food, but then things like Avoca rice krispie cakes cross my path. Have you had the Avoca rice krispie cake? It is INSANE! It cannot be passed on, you will really thank yourself for having a slice, or an entire cake. Regret nothing!


I recently reviewed the SOSU polish in First Date, and you can read all about it here.


After a seriously long break from the gym, I finally made it back, and then I ever so slightly died. I hate that I broke my gym routine for so long, and my body really let me know it had been too long.


July ended with lashing rain, but a really beautiful pink sky. Incredible.

I am really happy with everything I achieved this month, and I hope you all had a really fabulous month too. Now I have to make some fun memories for the August edition.


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You can click on any of the images above to see it on my Instagram feed, and you can follow me on Instagram here. 


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