Cape it Away | Classic and Wilde Lust List

I know it is August so I shouldn’t be wishing away the end of Summer, but I love Autumn fashion. PLUS the weather has been terrible lately (although today is a beauty) and I really wish I had some fabulous Fall style jackets. Layering up and keeping chic is really easy when you have a fabulous Cape in your closet, and I have rounded up some great options that should see you through Autumn and any occasion that you could face.


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1. First up is a woven colour block cape from ASOS. This jacket is the perfect piece to throw over a pair of jeans and a knit top for a breezy stroll. The cape features diagonal stripes and a leather trim.
Buy it here from ASOS for €55. 

2. Next is a piece I have not stopped thinking about, I think it could be a potential birthday gift! It is a black double crepe cape from Miss Selfridge, with a really simple design. I love the shoulder button detail, and this jacket can go from day to night and will look incredibly chic over a little black dress.
Buy it here from Miss Selfridge for €85.

3. A classic camel cape, this piece is simple gives me an  ‘english countryside’ vibe. With a blazer look and cape sleeves, this is a more modern take on the cape and would look great with just about anything!
Buy it here from ASOS for €105. 

4. Lavish Alice pretty much rule capes at the moment with their extensive line of cape blazers, and now they have a long line khaki coat in their collection. Khaki has made a huge comeback in recent months and this coat will is quite the statement piece, while keeping a simple design.
Buy this coat from Coggles for €105. 

5. I just bought a khaki parka and now I really wish I had a parka cape in my life! The cape factor really adds a chic element to the casual parka look. This would be really cool at a festival, but also carry you through Autumn with all rainy weather we can expect.
Buy this parka from ASOS for €90. 

6. I always love a white blazer anyway, and if you can’t tell by now, the cape element adds a luxurious look for me. This simple and clean white blazer is so chic and I would love to match it with a white blouse and blue jeans. Obviously as a white blazer it will go with just about everything.
Shop this blazer from Miss Selfridge here.

7. I was surprised to find a houndstooth cape on sale at this time of year, but I did. The pattern comes in every Autumn and it is a very simple shape for throwing over any look.
Shop this cape from Jack Wills here for €70. 

8. Last year cape scarves came into our lives and I fell in love. This top is similar, but rather than a scarf it is a whole piece knit cape which is the perfect cosy throw-over to add an extra cosy layer to your look. The sand knit is completely nuetral and will slip on over any ensemble.
Shop Esprit cape here for €40. 

9. Last but certainly not least, the cape blazer of the season from Lavish Alice. You can find this cape in most colours and a range of prints, but I chose red as a statement colour. Wearing it over dresses, jeans and everything inbetween. This is another piece I would love to have hanging in my own wardorbe, as a I really feel like I would get so much wear out of it.
Buy this from Very here for €75. 


The moral of the story is that I am totally cape obsessed, and I hope to be investing in at least one of the pieces coming into the Autumn season. Who else is rocking a cape this season? Let me know in the comments below!


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