Lash Extensions at Hyde Grooming | Nouveau Lashes

My love for Liza at Hyde Grooming is no secret at this point, I have posted about her brow abilities a couple of times, which you can see here. Last week I headed into her new location in Dublin’s top salon, Aviary Lane, and I was treated to brand new brows and lashes!

It has been about a year and a half since I had lash extensions applied, so I was really excited to get that flirty and fluttery eye look back. Naturally I actually do have quite good lashes, but without mascara my eyes just disappear.



A very rare no make up selfie, I of course added a filter to disguise my paleness, but you can see I don’t have a scrap of eye makeup on. My eyebrows are pretty non-existent in general, they are fair and skinny, and I fill them in daily. The HD Brow treatment does make them appear thicker, and the shape Liza gives me makes filling them in a dream.

Now onto the lashes: Liza uses the Nouveau lashes rather than the mink as they are cruelty free. The treatment itself can take anywhere from one to two hours depending on the desired look. Each lash is applied individually, there are no clumps of lashes together. You must have the patience of a saint to do this job! I have a serious appreciation for anyone who can do this job, and learn how to do it well!

I told Liza that I did not want an over the top result, I prefer volume over length. She applied a range of lengths to my lashes, with the longest only being slightly longer than my own when curled and wearing mascara.

This treatment is really relaxing, you could easily fall asleep as you are lying down on a treatment bed. Usually when you get lash extensions, a pad is placed on your lower lashes to prevent the glue from going where it shouldn’t, and the pad Liza applied was a collagen eye treatment. Not only did I leave with new long lashes, I also had my under eyes totally refreshed. It’s the little touches which Liza does that make this one of my favourite places for treatments.


That night I went out for drinks with friends and only had to apply a slick of mascara on my lashes. Even though I have so many extra lashes, I still think it looks natural enough. I also hate applying strips of lashes, because I am crap at it, so it amazing to have the look without the hassle. I always get that leaky eye and it drives me crazy, now I don’t have to worry about it.

IMG_3113 IMG_3114


I have no eye makeup on in these pictures, it looks like I don’t have ANY makeup up but I actually do! This is what the lashes look like when left to themselves. I don’t apply mascara during the day because taking it off is a delicate job, and I don’t want to be at my lashes too much and cause them to fall out prematurely.



And you gotta add the third filter on snapchat! Again no eye makeup here, just the lashes.

The upkeep for these lashes is pretty simple, no water for a couple of hours so avoid the shower or crying if you can.
Remove eye makeup with an oil free cleanser, the oil can melt the glue. I have been using micellar water and cotton pads and it is working well for me.
Use an old (clean) mascara wand to brush the lashes and straighten any strays.

I am just over a week into wearing the lashes so the amount of lashes falling out have been minimal. I love waking up in the morning and having a wide-eyed look first thing. I am also only wearing mascara on nights out, as I really have no need for it during the day. It has only been a week, so showering is still a little strange for me. Usually I am all up in my own face and rubbing my eyes but now I have to be a little more aware and careful. I am sure as time goes by I will relax a little more and not be so aware of the lashes.

The lash extensions cost €90 and you can book in with Liza through her facebook page here.


Have you tried lash extensions before? Let me know in the comments below!

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