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Almost two months ago, before my holiday, I decided to try out a teatox, as everyone who’s anyone is on them. I had (note past tense) been working out relatively often and eating relatively clean so I was happy enough with my weight, but I really wanted a toned tummy.

My stomach has always been my problem area and I am prone to bloating depending on the time of the month and how often I eat, pretty much like everyone else. I wanted to try out the teatox as it targets stomachs and claims to get rid of any water weight and prevent bloating. I knew it was never going to be a miracle potion and that I would suddenly have a six-pack overnight, but I was hoping for a leaner mid-section.

I decided to do the 14 day cleanse, I only had two weeks before my holiday so there was no point in ordering the 28 day.

SkinnyMint 14 day teatox review | Classic and Wilde

The tea is a two-step process;

The morning boost tea is to be enjoyed every morning. I actually really liked this tea, I usually have green tea first thing so this was similar but with added fruity flavours. I definitely felt boosted, I was alert and didn’t experience the crash later in the morning which can come with coffee.
I would honestly drink this every single morning, it is so refreshing and a great way to start the day.
The morning boost contains Guarana, Green Tea and Yerba Mate. 


The night cleanse tea is only to be drunk every other evening. I had carried out my research and many people had recommended taking it around 8pm if you rise at about 6.30/7.00 am the following morning, which I do. This is the cleansing aspect of the tea, and totally ‘cleanses’ you (there is no pretty way to write it, it makes you go to the bathroom). The flavour is nice, very gingery, and it is really easy to drink.
This tea contains Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna leaves and Psylium husk.

The morning after a night cleanse I would feel harsh feel cramps in my stomach when I woke up. I found myself getting really anxious on these mornings, as once you need to go to the bathroom you really need to get to the bathroom. There were mornings when I could have an early meeting and the idea of having to go to the bathroom mid chat gave me such anxiety (luckily that didn’t actually happen). I am not a morning person, and really did not like starting my day feeling stomach pains and stress.

Although I did feel lighter and my stomach felt tighter, the pros did not out-weigh the cons for me.

I read plenty of reviews in advance and so many people would say that they would visit the bathroom once in the morning and go about their day happily. I personally did not feel the same way. My stomach felt sensitive throughout half of the day, the cramps could last for a couple of hours and my appetite had changed. By late afternoon I would be totally back to normal, but the process was very distracting.

I can say that I did notice a positive change in my stomach, but I also felt dehydrated and drained.  As much as the idea of drinking a tea to lose weight sounds simple, the actual process was not. For me it just didn’t work as part of my life, although I know plenty of people who regularly enjoy it as a detox/ weight loss provider. 

There is another very important factor to consider: the tea flushes you out so much from your system, that it can even prevent your contraceptive pill from working. The site does recommend using other forms of contraceptive while drinking the tea, but for it to neutralise a contraceptive pill, I just think that is too harsh for me.

Quick Points: 

  • My stomach was flatter
  • I lost a little weight
  • I was stressed
  • I had bad stomach cramps.

When it comes to something like a teatox, everyone is going to have different reaction. I felt that it was not for me, and it was a little too harsh, but I know a lot of people who really enjoy these teatoxes and love the results. You can see plenty of positive reviews of the SkinnyMint website here.

Have you tried any teatoxes? I would love to hear about your experience/ thoughts.

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