Additions to my Ray-Ban Collection | Sunglasses Obsession

I am so happy to have made additions to my Ray Ban collection! While I was in Puerto Rico one of the department stores had a buy one get one free offer on sunglasses; two pairs for the price of one? SOLD! I was with Conor at the time, a person who practically refuses to wear sunglasses. I have given him a pair of Gucci and tried to give him my Ray-Bans (wayfarer) in the past and he didn’t really like them so he just never wore them. Keep in mind, we lived in Las Vegas for a year, and it was still a challenge to get him to wear them.

It is not just an image thing, sunglasses serve a really important purpose in protecting the eye and the delicate skin surrounding it. I received training from Luxotic years ago when I worked in retail, and they talked us through the damage the sun can do, and even showed an image of an eyeball with SUNBURN!!! Seriously upsetting, but ever since I have always kept a pair of sunnies in my bag.

Conor and I decided to get a pair each, and we both stuck with the classic aviators. Conor chose the original pair, black lense- gold frame, which really suit him, and I got the slightly larger frame with a brown ombre lense- gold frame.



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I decided to stick with the aviator style as they are so comfortable to wear, which may sound a little strange when discussing sunglasses, but it is true. I could only wear my Marc Jacobs black sunglasses, which I have had for years, for one morning as they were that little bit heavier. It was only in comparison to wearing the aviators, but the Marc Jacobs sunglasses left the skin behind my ear feeling tender, due to the weight they had applied. I have been wearing these sunglasses for years, and just never noticed the weight they carry. The aviators, on the other hand, are light as a feather.

The wayfarers are another story totally; they are really cool and classic but I opted for the size larger and they just don’t fit my nose! They are constantly sliding down my face and just really irritate me when I am walking or moving about. They only work for me when I am sunbathing and lying totally still!



There was no shopping at all in Puerto Rico, so I am happy that I treated myself to a pair of sunglasses rather than buying random bits and pieces. I have not stopped wearing them since getting them and I am delighted with this purchase/ investment!

Thanks for taking a look at my latest post,
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When it is sunny in Dublin, this is usually what I’m wearing! See the details here. 



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