Puerto Rico Diary 

At this point, my holidays feel like a distant memory! Although the weather has been a bit hit and miss since coming home, there has been some gorgeous sunny days and hopefully more to come.

I have already posted two fashion related posts from my trip to Puerto Rico, my bikini diary and my style diary, so this post is more of a roundup of the trip itself.


Let’s take things all the way back to the place where I enjoyed the essentials: two vodkas and a pack of pringles. Ryanair isn’t the worst to fly with these days, especially when you have tiny bottles of absolute to help you along the way.  I picked up The Girl on the Train at Dublin airport and I couldn’t put it down! I expected to read it over the space of the 10 days, a chapter here and there, but it didn’t last me two days. I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone because it is just AMAZING!!!





So much blue!! Our hotel was really nice, not total luxury, but a really nice place to stay for 10 days. The hotel is built tiered on a cliff, so every single room has a sea view. Our room was also looking over one of the two pools in the resort. This was a pretty quiet place, there was music and entertainment up until midnight, but it wasn’t crazy. Conor and I basically chilled out, ate and drank for the 1o days and took in a little bit of sun.



Speaking of food, my diet pretty much consisted of prawns, prawns and prawns, with the odd steak thrown in. That may look like an avocado salad, but there are actually more prawns hidden beneath the dressing. You could actually see the fishing boats heading out and coming in everyday so I loved heading to the restaurants by the beach for really fresh prawns.

Conor took charge when he ordered the steak on a stone for both of us as I hadn’t enjoyed this dish before. It was so much fun, and really delicious.


IMG_1949 IMG_1950


The closest beach to us was at the very bottom of the cliff our hotel was built on, you could walk there but it is about a 20 minute steep walk so we stuck to taxis after one attempt. The Amadores beach is so gorgeous but I only spent one full day here, I am a bit more of a pool person. Conor and I did come here several evenings for dinner, it was the perfect place to watch the sunset and there were about 40 different restaurants along the beach to choose from. As I type this I feel like I am talking about a 40 year old couple, but no, Conor and I are 27! We were just looking for a really chill out holiday, rather than a party holiday this year.



Such a random picture, but I made Conor get in a picture with my while a hawk sat on my arm. Such a tourist thing to do, and Conor had no interest but this picture makes me laugh everytime I look at it because I got so scared when the Hawk looked at me and you can see how nervous I am!
Other than that picture, Conor didn’t really mind my attempts at documenting our every move.


My absolute favourite day was Conor organised a boat trip for us to go see Dolphins swimming in the wild. The entire trip was about 3 hours long, but it was amazing to see the dolphins up close in their natural habitat. I have seen dolphins in water parks in the past, but since watching ‘Black Fish’ on Netflix I couldn’t face visiting a dolphins or whales in captivity.

The dolphins were such flirts, they kept swimming up to the boat and loved the attention. We also saw a giant sea turtle, but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture.


After a trip to the supermarket, Conor had picked me up this tiny bottle of Grey Goose which made me laugh because it was so cute and tiny! Everyone needs a little luxury in their life, even if it is only one drinks worth!


Confession: As we were located on the side of a cliff, up a mountain, most nights I switched into my sensible flats if we were walking anywhere. You can see what all of my outfits looked like before the switch here.

Puerto Rico was the perfect trip for Conor and I, as we were a little burnt out and needed to relax and disconnect from work. It is a pretty quiet place to go in the Canary Islands, so if you were interested in something lively then I would recommend looking around at some of the bigger tourist destinations.

Thank you so much for checking out my latest post from my Puerto Rico series of posts,

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All of my outfit posts from my trip can be seen here. 


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