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Everyone is talking about STROBING these days and I am really loving this new makeup trend which is taking over from contouring. Countouring has been this huge phenomenon, which is mostly known for chiseling and shaping the Kardashian/ Jenner faces, and can change the shape of the face by using light and dark colours.

watt's up benefit, mac soft and gentle, revlon skin lights, maybelline lumi touch

I will be the first to put my hands up and say that I do contour my face, but it seems to have become even more extreme in the past couple of months. I love what makeup does for me, it gives me for confidence for sure, but rather than disguising my own face, I should really be embracing it and using products to enhance my natural beauty. Lately my news feed has been packed with clown contouring (its a real thing) and I just think it is giving women the wrong idea totally. Yes makeup is amazing, and we love it, but the idea that you should be transforming your face until you look like a totally different person is just wrong. I will be the first to put my hand up and admit I wear a lot of makeup, but I still want to look like me at the end of the day, just an airbrushed version with better brows!

Ok that little rant is over, now onto strobing. The idea is similar to contour, but relies more on highlighters and light reflecting products to enhance beauty. I still apply a little cream or powder bronzer under my cheek bones and along my hair-line for a golden glow, but I am rely more on products like the ones I have listed below.

Strobing by Classic and Wilde, makeup and beauty by Gina

Don’t you just love that second filter on Snapchat?! Makes my tan look way more impressive than it actually is!

Dream Lumi Touch highlighter Concealer

IMG_2252 IMG_2253

with flash | without flash

I posted about this concealer a couple of months ago as a March beauty favourite (you can read here), and it has been a part of my makeup routine ever since.
This is a gel based concealer which diffuses light to disguise imperfections and highlight. As it is in the form of a pen, it is so easy to apply to the face. This product is very similar to the YSL Touche Eclat, but much more affordable.

I like to use this product as an everyday illuminators.
How to use:
I like to draw a line above my cheek bones, above my brows, down the center of my nose and around my lips and blend.
When I am particularly tired and see dark and puffy eyes, I like to draw triangles under my eyes and blend. The light reflecting concealer is perfect for hiding the results of a late night!

Shop Maybelline Lumi Touch highlighter here.

MAC Mineralize skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. 

IMG_2258 IMG_2259

with flash | without flash 

This is one of my all time favourite products, it is a velvety soft powder which buffs the skin and adds a luminous glow. A little goes a long way with this shimmer powder, so apply sparingly and build up if necessary. The peachy colour is perfect for paler Irish skin tones, while the shade gold deposit would suit those with sallow/ olive skin. I have been using this powder for years, and the one I currently use was a gift from my fabulous sister.

As this product is very shimmery, I like to keep it for nights out, and in particular Summer nights.
How to use:
I like to dust this powder in a semi-circle curving around from cheek bones to above my brow. I also like to dust this product along my collar-bone.

Shop MAC Soft & Gentle here. 

Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator


with flash | without flash

Another amazing product, which can be used in a couple of different ways. This is a liquid illuminators which can brighten the skin in any light. The fluid consistency allows it to blend seamlessly with other products. For an all over dewy look I like to add a small drop to liquid foundation, especially the HD Inglot foundation which has a matte finish.

This is such an easy to use product that I love using it all the time. Adding a little over foundation can take my skin from day to night.
How to use: 
Apply a small amount above cheek bone, cupids bow, and inner corner of eye and blend.

Shop Revlon PhotoReady Illuminator here

Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter

IMG_2256 IMG_2257

with flash | without flash

The Watt’s up I am using is actually a tiny sample size, but it has lasted me for so long! This highlighter crayon provides a champagne glow to the skin and it is really easy to apply. This product is a cream to powder highlighter which blends beautifully with foundation, or can be worn on moisturised skin.

This product is a soft highlighter which is great to wear day or night. I particularly like to wear it during the day with a simple BB cream to give the look of healthy and luminous skin.

How to use:
Using the crayon draw lines above cheek bones, down nose, on cupids bow and above the brow and blend.

Shop Benefit Watt’s Up here.


So who is trying out strobing this Summer? The products I have listed start at only €10 which make it really easy to try out this luminous skin look this Summer.



A comparison of a day and evening look. Above I am wearing a minimum amount of makeup but I still want dewy and glowing skin. Below I am wearing a night out look and have used a couple of different illuminators to achieve a glow  as I was wearing a matte foundation and powder.



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