Good Things Manuka Honey Moisturiser and Mask Review

Right before my holidays I ran out of my amazing Hydraluron skin care serum and jelly, so I decided to buy a new moisturiser which was cheap and cheerful for my holiday. I found the Good Things Manuka Honey moisturiser and radiance mask in Boots and decided to test it out. Before committing the products to my suitcase I did try them out at home, and I was pretty happy with the results.

I chose these two products as they were more focused on hydration, rather than anti-ageing or anything else. Obviously visiting a warm country, skin can easily become dry and dehydrated, so this was my priority. I am very conscious having my skin in the sun, and have been using factor 50 on my face throughout the entire holiday.

The  Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser is absolutely fabulous, it is really lightweight and hydrates the skin. It has royal jelly and beeswax moisturises and protects the skin. The bee venom promotes collagen levels and the manuka honey adds an antibacterial element. The moisturiser does have a low SPF to it, but I don’t take any chances with my face.
The silky texture of this product soothes skin instantly and is absorbed really quickly. It smells quite sweet, like honey, which is bonus for many people.

Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask and Daily Moisturiser   

When I am home I like to do a mix of different masks, sometimes cleansing, other times clearing, and of course hydration. I decided to bring the radiance mask to apply every three to four days or when my skin feels like it is lacking, as it covers a multiple of needs. The white clay extract draws out congestion in the skin, while the papaya extracts brighten the skin and enhances its natural glow. The beeswax and manuka honey nourishes the skin and boost hydration.

Directions suggest applying an even layer of the mask across your face while avoiding the eye area. This is not a heavy mask, and it is easy to forget you are wearing it. Although it does harden like most clay masks, it is not as stiff or heavy.

What I particularly like about these products are the missing ingredients: Parabens, mineral oils and SLS will not be found in this range.


Final thought: 

The products leave skin silky smooth, and really hydrated. This is a great product, particularly in Summer when skin can easily get dry and tired.

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The last face mask I tested was the YES to Carrots. Read my full review here.


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