Carry on Bag Checklist | Holiday Prep

I am currently in Spain, Puerto Rico to be precise and I had just over 4 hours on the plane to get here. Certainly not the worst flight of my life, but flying in general stresses me out and I always feel like I have forgotten something, or think I will lose something!

To prevent myself from stressing too much in future, I have put together a handy little checklist of items to carry in my hand luggage for the future.

Carry on bag essentials; Makeup bag, Earphones, Makeup wipes, Eye Mask, Passport, Phone charger


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  • Passport– OBVIOUSLY! I always like to check that I have an inside pocket in my bag which zips closed and that is where I will keep my passport safe and sound. I once lost my passport in an airport in the bathroom. Luckily I had just landed and was not flying for a few days, but I know it fell out of my bag as I rustled around inside looking for various items. My passport now stays wrapped up in a leopard cover, so it is easy to spot in my bag while I constantly check that it is still there.
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  • Moisturiser- We all know that the air conditioning on planes are really drying on our skin. I like to carry a multi purpose moisturiser like Balm Balm which I can use on my skin and lips. Make sure the size is 100ml or below for hand luggage!
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  • Eye mask– So a four hour flight may not require sleep, but I find sleeping on planes nearly impossible. I like to keep an eyemask with me just incase I do want a nap, or just to shut out my surroundings and relax.
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  • Magazine & Book- I love to have a good book to read, and I like to take a break and flick through a glossy magazine every so often.
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  • Battery pack – A battery pack to charge up electrics is an essential when travelling for me. I believe that in the U.S. security can confiscate phones or electronics which will not turn on as they deem them to be a threat. I found mine on eBay and it has come in handy so many times now, when travelling, at festivals or even working out of the office.
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  • Makeup bag – Personally I do not like to travel with my makeup in my suitcase. I worry things may get smashed and damaged in transport, so I always keep it in my carry on. I make sure that I have plenty of small plastic bags to keep all liquids in when passing through security and none of my products are over 30ml.
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  • Tissues- it is typical that I also need tissues when I am strapped in place for hours on end. Whether I spill something on myself, get a sneezing attack or whatever reason, I always keep a pack handy on a flight. I usually pick up the travel size packs in Dealz for โ‚ฌ1.49.
  • Travel pillow– When flying economy, anything that can help with comfort is always welcome.
    Shop travel pillow here.
  • Throw/ Scarf– I hate being cold, so I like to keep an oversized scarf or throw in my bag which can double as a blanket just incase the flight is chilly.
    Shop blanket scarf here.
  • Sweets- I hate when my ears wont pop, so I like to keep hard sweets in my bag to help my ears during take off and landing. It is pretty old school, but it works for me. I usually pick these up in the shop at the airport.
  • Pen and notebook– You never know when inspiration might strike, so keep a pen and notebook handy. Whether you need to write out a to-do list, or you want to keep yourself entertained with word games, it is always handy to keep a pen and notebook handy. I personally like to write out a plan of where I want to go and what I want to see throughout my trip.
    Shop Ted Baker notebook and pen here.
  • Makeup wipes– Planes can leave you feeling grimy and icky. Although you may not be able to take a shower, you can freshen up with makeup wipes during the flight.
    Shop Yes to Grapefruit wipes here.
  • Painkillers I like to keep a couple of painkillers with me just incase a headache or something else kicks in while stuck on the plane. Last year our flight was delayed by 2 hours and I would have done anything for a Panadol as my head was killing me. Better to be prepared than feeling unwell.
  • Earphones & music- I like to update my iTunes with new Summery music before travel to keep me excited throughout all of my journey.
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  • One last ‘DUH’ item for the list: travel tickets and itinerary!


If you are getting away this Summer I wish you happy and safe travels! Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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