Instagood Month | May 2015 Round-up

Confession: At the time this publishes I will be laying out poolside in Puerto Rico, but I have scheduled this post in advance to ensure my site has a little activity while I am away. I will be here for 10 days, so there won’t be too much activity on here, but you can follow my Instagram account (@GinaKiely_) or Snapchat (ginakiely) to see exactly what I am up to.

Back to May! What an amazing month it was, especially here in Ireland! This was the month we chose to vote for marriage equality in Ireland, meaning that same sex marriage is now legal in our lovely country. That was really one of my high points of the year for me and I really did feel really proud to be Irish when the results were announced. The rest of the month probably was not as fun, but it was instagrammable!

Snake print asos pointy toe chelsea boots.

I am obsessed with my snake boots! I actually live in them these days as they are so comfy and go with just about everything! You can see more pics of them here.

My favourite piece of jewellery at the moment. This layering necklace from H&M is actually just one piece which I love, although when it gets tangled I come close to losing my mind!


Bargain bikini alert: €10 for the whole thing at H&M!   

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 13.36.54

Not my best selfie, but the Hydraluron mask is so refreshing when I have had one too many from the night before! I had been up late with a friend have a couple of glasses of wine and it was written all over my face, but Indeed labs rescued me. Seriously love this stuff!

I havn’t worn my pigalles in a couple of months now, but they just arnt all that comfortable! However, they sure are pretty.

Another H&M necklace that I just love!

I visited the YES Equality shop in Stephen’s green shopping center to support the campaign.

I was delighted to receive a fabulous package from Scholl last month, to help me get ready for sandal season. You can read my full review of all of the products here. 

I have recently decided to share fitness related posts on my blog, as it has become a part of my lifestyle. You can see all of food and fitness related posts here.

On a major YES buzz! Also, I cannot resist the blue snapchat filter (3rd one) when I am wearing red!

YUM! Met for lunch with my friend Liza, who sorts out my eyebrows, we went for the green option. We enjoyed very green salad, juices and even dessert. You can see my full review here.


Embracing my inner gran! I wrote a while ago about how I have started knitting as an alternative to having my phone in my hand 24/7. My job and my blog require so much time online, and I am only really offline when I’m sleeping. Knitting keeps my hands busy and off my phone!

I was over the moon to attend the Irish Beauty Blog awards, especially as I was shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog! I was pretty much just as happy to wander into Burger King after the awards were over!

SHOEFIE: You can see everything I wore to the Irish Beauty Blog Awards here.

You can also see every product I used for my makeup here. #IBBAwards

I have this thing with stripes! Heading for drinks with friends on a friday night and obviously I stick to black and white stripes, having just worn a striped dress the night before!

I am always experimenting with DIY beauty treatments, and my all time favourite is my new Avocado hair mask. I am seriously obsessed with just how shiny my hair is after using this mask. See the full post here.

It might be Summer, but that does not mean I will stop wearing black!

Such an amazing way to start the day: My company The Link Marketing works with Cabinteely FC and we recieved this beautiful gift from them as a thank you.

Another bargain bikini from H&M!!!

Easy like Sunday morning! I had tried to make a healthier option, and even made Conor som whey protein pancakes, but they just didnt do it for me. I decided to whip up a couple of classic crepes and indulged in nutella, NO REGRETS 😉 Just looking at this picture I want another one!

So there you have it, that was my May! I am hopefully adding to my instagram snaps right now with pics of my holiday in Spain!

Thanks for checking out my instagood month of May.

Signature 1


See what I am wearing on holidays, through my Zara haul! 


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