Holiday preparation | DIY Pedicure      

I was delighted to receive a fabulous Scholl foot care package just in time for Summer. It is that time of year to shed the ankle boots and get back into strappy sandals, after a very long winter. The idea of wearing sandals always sounds better than it actually is, as your skin is more exposed around your feet it ends up drying faster, and pinching sandals result in tough skin!

I am planning on getting a pedicure this month before my holidays, but I need to prep my feet between now and then with good footcare, and Scholl have provided me everything I need! I personally do not like feet, not even my own, so anything I can do to make them look and feel better is always welcome.



Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream: This is a fabulous daily foot care cream to keep skin hydrated. You feel the effects immediately and I usually apply it daily after my shower, on dry skin. It works instantly and is not greasy and dries really quickly.

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Velvet smooth intense serum: This is a highly hydrating foot care serum which contains my favourite ingredient Hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic Acid is an amazing ingredient for skin which holds moisture and can even pull moisture from the air for your skin if necessary! This intense serum works great after exfoliating or using a pumice for an intense boost in hydration. If you have particurly dry or hard skin, than this might be the way to go, and then move onto the daily instant recovery cream.

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Fresh Step shoe spray: This spray is perfect for Summer when shoes can get a little gross. Particularly in Irish summers when you can go from having your feet soaked in a Summer shower, shortly followed by intense sunshine causing sweat! To keep all of my shoes fresh I have using this spray after wearing and it does not leave behind any residue or powdery layer. This spray does not have a strong smell, more of a freshness spray, to get rid any bad odours.




Party Feet ultra slim: Years ago I loved party feet, but they would make my shoes tighter as I would be adding an extra cm of height inside the shoe. Now the ultra slim range means that they are a total win/ win. The soles of my feet are cushioned and the top of my feet do not get squished againts straps! These are not just for heels, but can also be worn in flat shoes which may not have a great sole or supportive lining.

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As I will be getting a pedicure before I head on holidays, I will want to keep skin soft for as long as possible and these products will allow me to do that. Do not expect any foot selfies, as I genuinly do hate all feet, but just know that I am really happy with how hydrated my skin feels after trying out these products for a couple of weeks.

Click here for more information on all of Scholl’s products. 

I love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Skin prep: check out my review of TanOrganics tanning oil for Summer. 



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