It’s actually easy being green | Alchemy Juice Co

 Summer is around the corner, and I am not necessarily dieting, but I have increased my work out routine and I am trying to eat healthier foods, with the odd pizza every once in a while. Diets don’t really work for me in general as I am the type of person who can get crave food once I have told myself I CANNOT eat it. Typical always wanting what I can’t have!

I find that eating healthier options is easier when at home, as I don’t necessarily have the alternatives of fatty/ sugary foods in the house. Going out for lunch is a different story though. I find it tougher to choose the salad when there is really yummy options available to me other than kale. I am usually in town a couple of days a week and find it hard to get a great lunch that is healthy and exciting.

Back in January I visited Alchemy Juice Co in BT2 on Grafton st with Greta when we were both trying to embrace a greener life and I was pretty skeptical to be honest. I mean how good can you really make Kale taste? Well actually, quite good!


Free range Irish roast chicken, kale, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and tamari.

I also enjoyed a pack of kale chips, which were yummy!

I am not great with juices, usually when I make smoothies at home I will use spinach as the flavour isn’t strong and add berry and yogurt for a sweeter flavour. The Gateway juice is actually quite nice and I have worked my way up from the 250 ml to 500 ml.




Chia, dark chocolate, almonds, eggs, coconut and coconut sugar.

I was actually shocked at how good this was. Usually the ‘healthier option’ desserts are a waste in my opinion as they just are not enjoyable, but this was very nice. In general I don’t like coconut, but the flavour really suited this dessert.

You can check out the full menu here, and I should add that I am not a particularly adventurous eater which is why I haven’t tried much more on the menu. I wouldn’t say that this place is cheap and cheerful, but I do think it is affordable and much more interesting than the usual pre packed salad or sandwich.

I am recommending this place to anyone who is working in town, or just wants an enjoyable lunch without being tempted by anything that’s deep fat fried! There is also the added bonus that you have to take a stroll through BT2s and have a sneaky browse through the clothes, shoes and bags on your way in and out.

If you know of a clean eating cafe or restaurant in Dublin, please link me below!
Thank you for stopping by!

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Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.48.06

It might look a little green, but my mojito is certainly not clean and healthy! Check out what else I got up to in April on my instagram round-up! 


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