My Holiday Shopping Wish List | Summer 2015

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This time next month I will be in Spain so I am making a list of items I would like to pick up before I go. One of the easiest/ chicest item I think you can wear on holidays is a maxi dress. They are comfortable and usually look great in flats or heels. I have actually only gotten into Maxi dresses in the past couple of years but now I am totally obsessed. A couple of years ago I would like to get dressed up in heels and short dresses every night on holidays, but now I am leaning more towards comfortable clothes and staying away from sky-high wedges for every night out. Where we are staying is also a little hilly, so I think I would have to be crazy to want to wear heels every night. I love all of these dresses as they are all affordable, flattering and can be dressed up or kept simple.

My favourite dress from this entire selection is the snake print Missguided one in the center! Shop all dresses here.



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I cannot remember the last time I wore a playsuit/ romper! I am really lusting after a pretty/ cool/ boho vibe playsuit this year. Again, I love the idea of having an item which I can dress up with heels or wedges, but also looks just cool with a pair of strappy flat sandals. I am leaning towards the looser fitting pieces, like the black and white Missguided playsuit in the middle row, which is currently my favourite. Shop all of the playsuits here. 


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And finally; the accessories! I always need to buy a new sun hat when I head on holidays, as the ones I own usually get squashed on the way home in my suitcase and I don’t bother keeping them then! My hair usually does it own thing in humid climates, no matter what products I use, so it is always handy to have a hat close by.

Sunglasses are essential, they help hide tired or hung over eyes, but more importantly they protect from the sun’s harmful rays damaging the eye or the thin skin surrounding. I try to keep the sun away from face anyway, and always wear factor 50, but the area around your eyes is particularly thin and at risk of damage.

Beach/ pool bag. I once made the mistake of bring my Mulberry Bayswater to a pool, I will never make that mistake again! I thought it would be safe as we were sitting so far away from the water, but it still managed to get soaked, which is why beach/ pool bag is necessary. Especially is you are going to the beach, you want something that can be cleaned easily, as sand will get in every nook and cranny.

Shop all accessories here. 

I am counting down the days until I am on the beach in Spain!
Thanks for reading,

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A pair of shoes I will probably take with me on holidays are my strappy/ cage heels. Read about them here. 


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