Real Techniques Sculpting Brush Review

Although I am moving away from the severe and extreme contoured look, not that I ever mastered it, I am embracing a softer look using bronzing powder. Step 1 of getting the look right is having the right tools.

I recently purchased the sculpting brush from Real techniques and it makes contouring so easy! It is a wide and angled brush which allows me to subtly colour under my cheek bones, jaw line, nose etc perfectly.


This brush can be used with cream products, but I have only been using it to apply powder, and I love the results. As the bristles are short I feel completely in control of exactly where I apply product, rather than longer bristle brushes which can spread the product further than I wish. Although the brush blends the product perfectly, I usually go over my face with the Real Techniques powder brush to make sure all powders are blended and I have no severe or harsh lines.

The brush is soft and fluffy and the chunky handle makes it very easy to hold and maneuver.


Here you can see how I applied a bronzing powder below my cheek bones.


I would certainly recommend this brush! 


Real Techniques are my favourite makeup brushes, and I will have a review coming soon of the powder brush! What are your favourite brushes?

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I recently embraced my dark side and said goodbye to my balayage colour. Read all about it here. 


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