Inglot HD Perfect Coverage Foundation Review | Makeup and Beauty

I was on the market for a new ‘night out’ foundation and was the Inglot HD perfect coverage foundation came highly recommended.

I decided to go for the colour 76, however this is a colour that would only look good when I have tan on, I think when I buy another bottle I will go a shade lighter. Note I said when, because I do really like this foundation.

The HD Foundation offers:

  • Full coverage
  • Long lasting
  • Matte finish

The matte finish means that this foundation is perfect for anyone with oily skin, however I have combination skin and can find the foundation slightly dry. Make sure your skin is moisturised and primed before application. The consistency is thick, and I use Real Techniques expert face brush to apply the product, which allows me blend the foundation in really well. I recommend using a good quality brush or sponge as the thick liquid could go patchy easily if not blended correctly. Although the texture is thick, once blended correctly it is not heavy on the skin.

The matte finish means you will not get that lovely dewy glow for Summer, so I have also been using Revlon photoready skinlights along my cheekbones, cupids bow and my nose. Shop here.

Although the foundation is full coverage, it doesn’t look cakey or loaded on. It also doesn’t feel too heavy either. If wearing this foundation during the day I would say one pump is enough, and then to build up coverage for a night out I would use two pumps.


Speaking of the pump, it’s a smart pump (did I just name it that, or is it a real thing? Either way, I am calling it a smart pump!)  that allows you to use all of the product, rather than one which you need to crack open after a couple of weeks to scoop the product out. As you pump the bottom of the bottom pushes up, rather than allowing the product to gather and sit in the bottom corners.

Shop the foundation here.  



Overall: Great product, a little too heavy for everyday but great for nights out. I would particularly recommend to anyone with oily skin.

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I love the TanOrganics tanning oil, see my review here. 


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