Tuesday shoesday | My Spring Fix 

I had a pretty fantastic Tuesday Shoesday last week when I had not one, but two pairs of shoes delivered!

I had honestly been checking both ASOS and Zara on a daily basis for over a month for these shoes, both sold out with no sign of coming back in stock, and then as if by magic, they both became available on the same day!

Snake Chelsea Boots

I needed a pair of Spring/ Summer boots, all of the pairs I own are quite heavy and wintery. Plus they all have some sort of a heel, even if its ony a couple of inches, I honesly did not own a flat pair of boots.
I do have an obsession with snake print, just lik leopard I think it is a fab nuetral which goes with just about everything. I own a pair of bellerinas, heeled sandals and plimsoles in a near idential print and I am happy to add these boots to the collection.
I am also having a moment with pointy toe shoes, I think they instantly make the shoes look more expensive/ chicer.

When you add all of those thoughts together, you can see why I was on a mission to own these boots.

If they are still in stock (only one size left when posting this) you will find them here. 

Shop more snake boots here.


I know they are not everyones cup of tea, my dad actually laughed out loud when he saw them, but I like that they are different and unusual.  Expect to see more of these babies, especially on my instagram and snapchat (ginakiely).


Zara Lace up Sandals: 

My second delivery was from Zara, and as you can see I was not the only one excited. Although Smokey just really likes cardboard boxes…

These shoes were available in Zara around January/ Feb and I thought, I love them but I will wait. Then once I was ready to buy them they could not be found anywhere. I was checking the website daily hoping that someone returned my size but they are now back in stock and available on Zara now.

I bought a similar pair of snake sandals from Zara last season and I live in them. Coming into Summer I do need a new pair of heeled sandals and these beauties will go with almost everything!


Find them on Zara here. 

Shop heeled sandals here

It will be a while before I buy another pair of shoes… maybe. But I feel like I have my casual and dressy shoes covered for now!

What are your must have shoes for Spring? Thank you for reading, 

Signature 1


Get Summer ready with He-Shi tan, see my review now. 


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