Tan Organic Self-Tanning Oil Review | Beauty

A little while back I received a fabulous package from Tan Organic with their Tanning Oil, Tan Erase and amazing chocolates. It is safe to say that the chocolates lasted about 10 minutes, but I kept the oil aside for sunnier days, when I could actually appreciate and get good use out of bronzed skin.

As the name suggests, Tan Organic is Organic, which is great for the skin. Ingredients include Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Orange peel oil and more. Tan Organic is also the world’s first eco certified self tanner, and to top it all off, it is Irish!


I started my tanning process with the Tan Organic Tan Eraser, which is a mitt that can be used wet or dry to exfoliate the skin and remove remaining tan. I used it in the shower and was left with bright and clear pink skin afterwards.


Pre tan: Above you can see my totally tan free arm which is a nice pinky colour. I felt a little strange using the tanning oil as it does not require a glove or tanning mit. I have not applied tanning product one without a glove in so many years that it felt really unnatural. I did cheat and use a tanning mitt half way into tanning my body it felt quite scary rubbing in tan with my bare hands. I was afraid of orange palms and streaks, which I didn’t experience, so next time I will go completely glove free!


After Tan: This is beautiful golden colour I was left with immediately after applying the oil. My skin was dewy and glowing from the oil and had a subtle golden glow. I chilled out in my dressing gown for an hour or so after applying the oil, I am not sure I could have gotten dressed if I needed to as I was quite aware that I had oil on my skin. Luckily this was in the evening before bed so I had time to lounge and was not in a hurry to get dressed.


24 hours later: I was really pleasantly surprised at the golden tan that developed over night. My skin was also incredibly soft and felt really nourished. This is clearly a fabulous tanner and I think it will be one of my top products for the Summer for a natural looking glow.


What a difference a day makes. I am really impressed with this tanning oil and I intrigued to test out some more Tan Organic products.

You can shop Tan Organic here, and find their products in these stores.

Have you tested out the Tan Organic products? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading,

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I have updated my skincare routine to include Hyaluronic Acid, and you can read all about it here. 


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