Maryborough Hotel | What I Wore

Last week Conor and I had the opportunity to visit the Maryborough Hotel and Spa in Cork for the night. We had a voucher to stay at the hotel and it expired in April, so Conor and I could only find one day which suited both of our schedules and the last Monday in March. Although we went for a very chill nights stay, we still decided to get slightly dolled up to enjoy dinner and drinks at the bar.


The day started very well with prosecco and strawberries being delivered to our room, YUM! Our room was a little strange though, don’t get me wrong it was beautiful, but the main feature of our room was a giant hot tub. Click here to see more of the hotel.


What I Wore:


This outfit certainly fits under the category of my ‘uniform’. If you follow this blog then you will know that I wear these leggings everytime I leave the house! I wanted to be comfortable and pretty casual as we were staying in the hotel for dinner and drinks. I really love this top, and I wish I had a picture of the back as it splits from half way down for a touch of drama and detail.

Thank you for reading,

Signature 1


You can check out my outfit from travelling to cork here. 


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