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My bestie Greta, who has been featured on my blog once or twice, recently inspired me to reboot my skin care routine and try out Indeed Labs Hydraluron range.

Greta has worked for several years in high-end and luxury beauty and has been trained by some of the top best brands in the world, so I usually turn to her with my skin care questions. Our latest discussion started when I told her I had just purchased a fine line treatment cream, but I was afraid it would be more suitable for mature skin.

Greta told me that skin care in your twenties is all about moisture! There is not much point in using fine line treatments when you don’t have many fine lines, and I should be focusing more on preventing fine lines by keeping my skin hydrated and plump. She recommended I look at the Hydraluron range from Indeed labs, as it is a range based on Hyaluronic Acid, which has been dubbed the ‘Fountain of Youth’ by some beauty experts.


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can hold 1000 times it weight in water and moisture and can even pull moisture from the air into the skin. Look for HA in your products if you want hydrated, moisture nourished and plumped up skin.
Many products that have this ingredient are extremely expensive, but this range begins at €25.

To cleanse my skin I am still using Micellar water and toner, then follows:

Step 1:

Hydraluron Moisture Booster:
This product can be added to your skin care routine without changing any other products. Apply a small amount of this serum to cleansed skin and follow with moisturiser. This serum ensures that your moisturiser fulfills its potential, absorbing deeper into the skin and not just sitting on the surface level. The product is a clear serum which absorbs quickly to the skin, and is completely lightweight. Apply this morning and night.

Step 2: 

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly: 
This Jelly also has HA along with four other ingredients with saturate the skin with fast absorbing jelly and form a protective layer on the skin’s surface, which prevents moisture loss. Over time this product will improves skins texture and promote collagen production. This product may seem quite thick and heavy, but it is absorbed into the skin almost immediately and leaved the skin feeling moisturised without a heavy residue.

After this step I usually apply SPF in the morning. 


The Moisture Mask:
The science part claims to slowly release the hyaluronic acid over time through 3D enzyme structure. That does not mean all that much to me, if I am honest. The mask should be applied to a cleansed and dry face. Using your fingers, press the mask into place and allow sit for 15 minutes. Then massage the remainder of the serum into your skin and follow with a moisturiser.

This is recommended to use about once a week, however they are quite expensive as you get four in a pack, so I have been using them coming up to special occasions. The masks are heavy, as they are truly saturated in the product, and are very cool on the skin.


The verdict:

I have been using these products for about six weeks now and I am genuinely seeing an improvement in my skin. The texture has improved and I my skin does seem firmer and brighter. It feels healthier and I am starting to forget what is like to have dry skin. I am converted! I just hope that I will really notice a difference in 10 years when I look younger than I should!

Shop Hydraluron Serum
Shop Hydraluron Jelly
Shop Hydraluron Mask
Shop Hydraluron Starter Kit. 

Have you tested out any of these products?
Thank you for reading,

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