Tan and Taupe | What I Wore

I have been complaining for a while that everytime I go out, as much as I try to wear something other than my black leather leggings from Zara, I always end up putting them on. Well, last Saturday I finally broke the mold, after I purchased the exact same leggings in Taupe! Rather than wearing a light top and black leggings I simply reversed the look with taupe leggings and a black top.  As much as I tried to jump out of my comfort zone, it is bloody freezing in Dublin and anything other than a full length camel coat and leather leggings seems foolish!

Face of the night, featuring Lime Crime Cashmere

Ok so first up is my makeup. Embracing the taupe scheme I decided to finally break out my Cashmere velvetine from Lime Crime. This is a grey/beige liquid lipstick that dries matte and lasts all night. I have admired this colour on so many people, but whenever I tried it out myself, I felt washed out. To ensure I didn’t feel washed out I loaded up on the bronzer and highlighter and contoured every inch of my face!

Product list:




I just want to make a small note about my hair in the picture below: I have no idea what it is doing here! It looks very 60s or something and I think it is because I tried out a new hair mask that day.

What I Wore:

I really wanted to show off the back of this top as it is really pretty. I love the simplicity of the design.

From where I stand:



So there you have it, my style break through! I have finally gotten out of my black leggings.
Thank you for reading,

Signature 1





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