Instagood February 2015


February feels like it was so long ago, and I managed to do so many fun things in the shortest month of the year! I had a formal ball, Valentine’s Day, a wedding workshop (I’m not getting married btw) and dinner dates.


I started the month with my simple makeup look, which I shared on the blog. You can see every single product I used to achieve this look here.


The prettiest delivery from this month: I finally got around to ordering Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet (the red) and Cashmere (the Greige/ Grey/ Beige). I will have a full post up very soon with swatches, but I can tell you that I am obsessed with both of these liquid lipsticks.


I treated myself to a visit to Tropical Popical once again which you can read all about here. It is a fun a lively nail bar in Dublin city centre, and I recommend it to anyone who loves to treat themselves to a manicure.


I blogged a very long time ago about Bake Boutiques lemon drizzle loaf, it is incredible. Which is why I had to pick up a box when I passed it on the shelves at Donnybrook fair recently. A perfect lemon loaf every time, and I am a crap baker!


I will not turn down a reason to get really dressed up, but it great when it is for a charitable cause. You can read all about the ball in Ballsbridge here, including where I had my makeup applied and exactly what I wore.


My manicure from Tropical Popical accidentally mached my knitting: Granny Swag 101! I have taken knitting back up after about 20 years as I am a phone and tech addict, and this gives me something to do with my hands other than scroll through newsfeeds.


How sweet is my little sister?! I let her borrow my ball gown for her college ball and she surprised me with these sweet little bracelets from River Island as a thank you. She also got me a fab pair of Cheryl lashes which I will be wearing on my next night out. Shop the bracelets here and here.


Doesn’t matter how old I get, my mum will always buy me Valentine’s day gifts. This year it was a sweet heart tin filled with caramel chocolates, YUM! February 14th can be one of those days that is easily blown out of proportions, so Conor and I kept our date low key, bowling to be exact. Followed by wine and chinese takeaway with a big date night the next weekend.

Conor treated me to one of my favourite fragrances from Jo Malone in peonies and blush suede. Hmm I wonder where he got the idea from…. (HINT)


The day following Valentine’s we stayed hibernating for most of the day but did manage to take a stroll along Killiney Hill.


About seven weeks after everyone else committed to to the gym, I finally jumped on the band wagon. I treated myself to a new pair of Nikes to celebrate signing up to the gym and embracing a slightly healthier lifestyle. Shop shoes here.


I was a little sneaky this year as my gift to Conor for Valentine’s day was to go to Shanahan’s on the Green for dinner. You can read my full post here which includes details of the amazing steak dinner.

Bash Prep, the dean hotel Helen Cody, Bash Prep, The Dean Mirror selfie, the dean hotel

One of my best friends is getting married and I am a bridesmaid! The two of us headed to the Bash Prep wedding workshop, which you can read all about here. It took place in The Dean in Dublin which is one of the most instagrammable locations I have ever seen.

smokey the cat

When I am chilling at home, it usually with this beauty, Smokey the cat. The picture was actually taken sideways as we both lay out watching Netflix.

Indeed labs Hydraluron beauty products

My bestie Greta used to work for top beauty brands such as Space N.K. and during a drunken conversation over our fears of getting wrinkly, she recommended the Hydraluron serum from Indeed labs. A few days later I headed to Boots and purchased the three products from the range. The serum preps the skin and allows it to absorb a lot more moisture, the moisture gel then moisturises the skin and the masks are a treat which I will be using once to twice a month depending on my needs. I will have a full blog post up soon, which will go into the scientific details of these products.  Shop hydraluron here.

Mia and I

I ended the month with a wonderful family day at my cousins’ children’s christening, which also happens to be my god daughters christening. I shared a full post here about the day and how adorable little Mia looked.

Thanks for checking out my instagood round up,

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