Bash Prep | Bridesmaid on duty

What a funny thing time is, only a year ago I would have spent my Sundays in bed nursing a hangover, while two Sundays ago I was up bright and early, fresh as a daisy and heading to a bridal workshop.

As the title would suggest, I was there as a bridesmaid to my lovely friend Siobhan who is going to a bride in 2016. I found this event online for Bash Magazine, which is the bridal equivalent of Image magazine, so not your typical bridal mag. Siobhan is at the very beginning stages of planning her wedding, so we were going with open minds and looking for interesting ideas.

This is obviously a brand new concept for me, I don’t usually spend my free time at bridal events, but I thought the day was really enjoyable. It took place in The Dean hotel on Harcourt street, which is ‘the place to be‘ in Dublin at the moment, and the room was beautiful and bright. We were provided with complimentary teas, coffees and food including brownies and treats.

Bash Prep | Max Benjamin candle

This is what we arrived to: A beautiful Max Benjamin candle, AllJoy felt coasters, a notepad and pencil and bright fresh flowers. Very pretty, and extremely instagrammable.


We were invited to play around with the flowers at our table and here is the mini bouquet that I made.

All the flowers provided were from Appassionata and they brought a range of bouquets for the brides to take a look at. They range from prim and proper to a little wild and bright.

        IMG_8787 IMG_8786IMG_8784

Next up we had a showcase and discussion with dress designer Helen Cody. You may have heard of Helen Cody before, but the world with know here from THAT DRESS that Stephanie Roche recently wore.

I thought this portion of the workshop was particularly fascinating. As someone who has never tried on a wedding dress (that would be slightly crazy if I did), I love the idea of having something that is just a little bit different and special for a wedding dress. I love traditional white wedding dresses, but there is something to be said about a soft blush dress.

These dresses were stunning, and you really have to see them on, as the movement brings the details to life. Helen was really great to listen to, and her advice about dresses transcends bridal and can be taken on board anytime you are getting dressed up. Her biggest message was to dress as yourself, and not who you think your should be on your wedding day.

IMG_8802  IMG_8806 IMG_8800IMG_8803

 Arts and crafts time! We were given place holders, envelopes, invites and gold leaf with glue! This was the portion of the workshop where House of Hannah discussed the actual planning and styling of your wedding. The invitations are an opportunity to give an insight to the style and tone of your wedding, and there were plenty of tips about getting the most from your paper products and styling your wedding with ease.


I had fun playing with gold leaf, but when the time comes I think I will leave the invites and menus to the professionals!

Overall I thought this was a great event, although it was my first time experiencing anything of its kind. Siobhan has been to larger bridal fairs but this was far more intimate and more comfortable.


What I Wore:

I kept my style comfortable for the day with my warm coat being the main focus.

So that is it from my first bridal workshop. I believe Siobhan left with a couple of ideas, but I am nowhere near getting married so not all the information was relevant to me. I would recommend this event for brides to be, as it is relaxed and enjoyable while also being very informative. For more information visit Bash Magazine.

Thank you for reading,

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The evening before Bash Prep I was having dinner in Shanahans, see my full post here. 


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