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My hair is my comfort blanket, so I thought it was only fair that I dedicate one post to its daily care/ torture!

Firstly, I do not wash my hair everyday, it is naturally dry so it only needs to be washed every 2-3 days, which is great. I could not handle being the type of person who needed to wash/blowdry and style their hair everyday, and I tip my hat to anyone who is.

When I am not washing my hair I do use a shower cap which I found in Dealz Ireland for €1.49,  it features The Little Mermaid and although it looks hilarious it does the job.



Washing my hair usually means two shampoos, the first is a rinse that goes over all of my hair and the second is one that focuses on my scalp, and usually sees me throw my head upside down in the shower and make sure I get my hair squeaky clean.
Once all shampoo is rinsed I will then add conditioner, focusing from the mid length to ends, never the roots or scalp. I let the conditioner sit in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing out, this is usually when I exfoliate etc.

I don’t have a shampoo and conditioning combo that I use religiously but I will usually stick to Tresemme or Aussie hair care, and go for products that are specialised for coloured or dry hair. About once a week I will use silver shampoo for the blonde in my hair, to help keep it vibrant.



About twice a month I will apply hair mask that I make in my kitchen, you can see that here. I have bleach and colour in my hair so it needs a little TLC from time to time, which this mask delivers.



Once my hair is damp, after gentle towel drying, I will spritz my hair with Macadamia oil, which I have been using for years. Macadamia oil helps my hair dry faster, keeps it soft and shiny and in healthy condition. It is available from Harvey Nichols but I can sometimes get lucky and find it in TK Maxx for a little less.

When possible, I will allow my hair to air dry. I know that this is not always practical, and at this time of year could cause a cold, but I like to give my hair a break from heat and air dry as much as possible. Often I will have to blast my roots with the hair dryer as it is about 90% dry but needs a little help. I should note here that my hair is a mess after drying naturally. It is half straight, half wavy and usually more than a little fuzzy without much life.



During the week, if I am only working or heading to the gym and not going anywhere special, I will style my hair without heat. This involves me going to bed with my hair pinned up in loose buns on either side of my head, waking up with natural curls. Unlike heat styling, this form of curling my hair is incredibly unpredictable, so I would not recommend doing it the night before an important day. Another way I style is through a loose french braid while I sleep or workout, which gently waves my hair. I do always find my hair is so much softer and feels great when I style it heat free.



When I heat style I use two tools: A Curly tongs and a Flat Iron. I always use a heat protective spray, I like the one from GHD but will also use the Tresemme.

The flat iron is a GHD and I usually curl my hair with it (I hate wearing my hair dead straight). I have attached a video below which shows just how I use the flat iron to achieve glamorous curls in my hair.

I curl my hair just like this, but I will usually start closer to the roots, continuously twisting the GHD away from my face all the way to the ends.

When using a curly tongs I know that the curls will fall out, so 80% of my hair will be straight, with a subtle curl at the end. This is the look I usually achieve when I get a curly blow dry and I really like it. I use a John Frieda curler which has a large 32mm barrel for loose curls. See it here.


When using either tool I always make sure that I am curling my hair AWAY from my face, as this gives a more voluminous look.



I will usually finish my hair with polish from Real Hair which gives a beautiful sleek look and tames any fly aways.

If I do go for three days between washing my hair, I will rely on my batiste to keep my hair looking clean. Batiste also adds volume, bringing limp hair back to life for a short amount of time. If I run out of batiste, then a tiny amount of talc powder could also do the job, as it absorbs the oil from the hair.

When you type it out it actually seems like a lot of work, but I am obsessed with my hair. I always wear it down as I like to have it close to my face at all times, as I mentioned before, it is my comfort blanket.

As much as I love my hair, I rarely visit the hairdressers, but have started going about 3-4 times a year. I know it is recommended that you should go every 6-8 weeks but I personally just like going to get my balayage colour topped up every couple of months.


If you have any hair questions that I can help with, please comment below.
Thank you for reading,

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Make your own hair mask from ingredients in your kitchen! Read it here.


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