Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around | OPI | Tropical Popical


I had been ages since I had treated myself to a manicure, and as I was heading to the Young Minds Matter ball last weekend, I decided that was the perfect excuse to head to the fabulous Tropical Popical for a mini mani (€15).

I wanted a creamy nude/ pink opaque shade and my manicurist, Niamh, helped me pick out Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around by OPI. It is perfect!

I wanted an opaque rather than a sheer as I prefer bolder colours, even when I am opting for nude shades.


The shade of this colour slightly changes depending on lightly and varies from Cream to Pink to a lavender.

Shop colour here. 


I accidentally chose a colour that perfectly matched my wool… #GrannySwag! Knitting is my latest hobby as it keeps me offline. As someone who is a blogger and a digital marketer I am online from the moment I open my eyes in the morning and I rarely switch off. I decided to take knitting up as once my hands are busy I can’t have my iPhone in my hand scrolling through news feeds. I am not knitting anything in particular, it will either be a tiny blanket or a scarf as I can just knit in a straight line, it may be keeping me offline, but that doesn’t mean I am any good at it. So far I am finding it very therapeutic and recommend it to anyone who keeps their phone in their hands 24/7!

Thanks for checking out my latest post!

Signature 1


My last trip to Tropical Popical involved the midi mani & pedi! Check it out here. 


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