He-Shi review | False Tan

It has been about two years since I have used he-shi tan, which is crazy because it is my all time favourite! When I worked in Harvey Nichols I would use this religiously, with a bottle lasting around 3 months at a time. I am a fan of many false tans, but the convenience of this express liquid tan is amazing. Even though I didn’t work in the beauty area of Harvey Nichols, I would sell so many bottles of this stuff as customers would ask me about my natural looking glow. I may seem like a ‘high maintance’ person, with my tanning, hair and makeup etc., but I actually very lazy when it comes to things like that, which is why He-Shi tan suits me so much.

He-Shi express liquid tan

For anyone who has never used a liquid tan before, it can seem a little daunting. I am so used to pumping and shaking bottles of tan to get the product out, but a liquid tan will pour out, and FAST. A tiny bit is needed at a time, pour a very small amount on a false tan mit (ALWAYS USE A MIT), and rub into the skin using circular motions. The liquid is a dark brown colour, and blends into a golden glow on the skin so you can see exactly where it has been applied. A very small amount can cover a large amount of skin, which is why one bottle can last 3 months or more. The initial cost of this bottle is about €46, but across 3 months that breaks down to €15 a month on tan! Totally worth the investment. 3 months will last me, and that is usually applying tan 1-2 times a week, head to toe, so someone who uses tan less often, or only applies it on certain areas will get a lot more out of the bottle than I will.

Before tan, he-shi express liquid tanAfter applying he-shi liquid express tan

The before and after, to the left is my arm pre tan, and to the right is after tan. It may seem subtle, but it makes a big difference. An instant, natural glow that develops into a similar colour that can last 3-6 days.

Before and after applying he-shi liquid express tan

My left leg is tan free, while my right one has been bronzed. Again it is not a huge difference, but it looks so much better (apart from the random bruises which I cannot explain).

before and after applying he-shi liquid express tan

The best thing about this tan is just how quickly it dries and is absorbed by the skin. I apply my tan by starting with my legs and working my way up, usually by the time I have finished my arms, my legs are completely dry and I can get dressed. I would not recommend putting on your favourite white dress, but the tan dries so quickly that you no longer have to stand around waiting for the products to be absorbed by the skin. I have used some tans that are very heavy on the skin and can take so long to dry in. I do not have time for these kind of tanners.

Another great thing about this tan is the way in which it fades. I very rarely have to deal with patches of stubborn tan when I am using he-shi, as it wears away in a very natural way. To make the most of my colour I will gently dab my skin with a towel after a shower, instead of rubbing it. I will also apply moisturizer and body butter which will help prolong the colour.

I am very happy to be reunited with my he-shi, the only reason I stopped using it was when I moved to Las Vegas for a year and could not find it there. I decided to purchase it when I was attending a wedding last month, and decided to do my tan myself rather than get a spray tan. The He-Shi tan worked so well that I used zero instant tan, when I would usually apply a layer of Sally Hansen.




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I purchased my He-Shi tan from Harvey Nichols in Dundrum and you can find it here.

What false tanning products can you not live without? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading, 

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