Cream and Burgundy | What I Wore

Apologies in advance for the terrible lighting! The sun was coming through the window and there was little I could do about it!

As mentioned in my Christmas post , my sisters gave me the most fabulous pair of burgundy/ plum waxed jeans from Massimo Dutti, and coincidentally my mum gave me a super soft scarf featuring the same colour, along with black, grey and cream. Naturally, I was excited to pair my new items together.


What I Wore:


I have been a little sick recently, what began as a cold has turned into a deep chesty cough that won’t shift. I was not feeling great on this day and I can now see that my eyes are only half-open in these pictures. At the time I thought I was fine, but now I think I should have just gone back to bed! At least I was wrapped up really warm with my knit top and scarf.

IMG_7077  IMG_7079

My fur pom was in my stocking on Christmas day and is from Custom Vintage Dublin. I think I want a second one for my keys! It is the softest little pom in the world, and the closest I will come to a Fendi fur charm!


Thank you for reading,

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See my post from Friday here: My December Instagram roundup. 


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