Lady of the Manor | Christmas Gift Guide | Home Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and the same can be said about a home. Small accents can take a simple room and make it feel cosy, glamorous, comfortable, elegant etc. I have browsed my favourite stores and found some great additions to the home, starting at prices as low as £2!

If you are shopping for someone this Christmas who takes a real pride in their home, or someone who has moved and is lacking the finishing touches that make a home, browse through my favourites here, and hopefully find the perfect gift.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.33.51

The first selection of items are for the ladylike women in your life, who enjoy being surrounded by pretty, feminine and glamorous pieces. Shop the selection here.

  • I started with a floral wreath, not a festive one. This can hang on the door January November and bring a beautiful burst of colour. It does not necessarily need to be hung on a front door, as it would look great throughout the house.
  • Next up I have added a touch of Paris with this Eiffel tower postcard cushion. The muted colours can go be added to any colour scheme, and the print is ever so pretty.
  • A blue floral print is a pretty addition to a home, without being too girly.
  • I am obsessed with blankets, there is nothing cozier than cuddling up on the couch and wrapping up in a soft and cosy blanket. This rich grey colour give glamour and appears more expensive than it actually is.
  • Diptyque are THE luxury candles, and the perfect gift for the girl who has everything and loves fabulous fragrances.
  • I am someone who loves to be surrounded by pictures and love to get my instagram pictures printed and displayed around me, so I always love to get frames and this silver coloured frame which features two birds is adorable.
  • Who does not love the soft lighting of candles? This simple tea light tree would make a great addition to the home.
  • I AM IN LOVE! A pink pearl cushion, need I say anymore? PINK PEARLS!
  • A vintage style perfume bottle with an enamel bird topper is so sweet. This would make a great accessory to a bathroom or a makeup area, it is so pretty and feminine.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.34.04

Shop page two of my selection here.

Next up is a selection of home accessories which are cool and girly, without the pink!

  • Who does not want a personalised mug? I DO! Even if I did not use this for my tea I would love to have a G mug to use it at my desk as a pen holder, or even for my holding my makeup brushes.
  • More picture frames, because I love showing my pictures. This tile print frame is very cool, and gives me a mediterranean vibe.
  • The little things organiser is a Parisian style box which is perfect for keeping jewellery or trinkets.
  • This one is for the friends fans, remember when Chandler buys Phoebe the AZ bookends at Christmas?! Well now you can have an AZ too!
  • A beautiful bowl from John Rocha will add elegance and edge to a home. This coral style bowl could be used for fruit or something a little more glamorous like jewellery.
  • Who doesn’t look fresh flowers? But without a vase they will probably sit in the sink! This silver and blue vase will add a beautiful design to a room, without taking away from fresh flowers.
  • I am in love with this jewellery box, in the shape of a Chanel perfume bottle. So cool, and a great way to organise your room.
  • Another tea light holder, because candlelight is the best light. This time in a bird-cage, which will give a vintage vibe to a room, even without lit candles.
  • And one more frame, this time a white one with a vintage look. I actually love to gift my friends picture frames, and love to include a picture from our friendship.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.34.17

Shop page 3 of my selection here.

This selection is for the gold-diggers, well not really, but the girls, like myself, who love a little gold, glamour and glitter.

  • First up is the cosiest cushion, a faux fur cream pillow which could be used for a couch, chair or bed and add serious glamour.
  • Roberts Radio is a chic vintage style radio with all of the benefits of a modern digital technology. I love this retro style.
  • Another vase, but a simple style. The vase features the words Fresh Flowers and has a simple aesthetic which will showcase a bouquet perfectly.
  • I love receiving a new note-book, as much as I am a lover of all things digital, there is nothing quite like putting pen to paper. This gold embossed A5 notebook is the perfect gift for a blogger/ writer/ list maker, and it would look stunning on a desk in work or at home.
  • If you have not gathered by now, I love flowers, which may explain why this is my third vase on the list! Unfortunately I do not receive fresh flowers often enough to own this many vases, but a girl can dream. This vase in particular is a more modern than the other two shown before it, with simplistic styling and a mix of glass and metal.
  • Paris? Yes! Chocolate? Always! This is not a plaque you want in the home of a ‘clean eater’, which is why I would love it! This is a beautiful vintage style plaque which is a great gift for foodies.
  • A vintage french style dressing mirror is something I have wanted for so long! Unfortunately it would not go with my dresser at all right now, but I do have plans to paint it in the future. This one is for the girl who loves to get ready and enjoys the process of makeup and hair and likes to do it in a beautiful mirror.
  • Kate Spade is one of my favourite designers, and I particularly love her home accessories. This candle is fig scented and encased in porcelain and features one of her signature prints; gold polka dots.
  • Another great gift from Kate Spade, and this is for the woman with a home office. This fabulous sticky note set is a lot more glamorous than the usual yellow post-its, with 7 styles and over 100 sheets in each design.

So that is it! 27 gift ideas for the lady of the Manor, even if the manor is an apartment. These gifts are sure to bring glamour and comfort to any home.

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xox 

 Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 15.31.12

Not all of my Christmas gift lists are all about the ladies, here are some gift ideas for the men in your life.


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