Instagood November | Round up 2014


Can you believe it is December? I feel like I do these monthly roundups far too often! 2014 has been one of the fastest years ever! November was a crazy month, which is probably why it felt like it went by so fast.


Obviously Halloween weekend took place over the start of Halloween, so like any normal person I chilled at home one night with my cat, wearing cat ears and a lace veil, totally normal!

I had purchased this piece as part of my costume, but last-minute it just didn’t come together as I would have like so I switched to a vampire costume, which you can see here.

IMG_6212   IMG_6214

The first week of November was insane, as I was lucky enough to attend the Web Summit in Dublin. This was a huge event that attracted over 22,000 people, with about 18,000 of them travelling from all around the world. The event was 4 nights and 3 days of tech talks, celebrity speakers and networking. I would compare it to Electric Picnic for people involved in Digital and Tech, so much fun, incredibly interesting but exhausting. I hope I can attend again next year!


I have yet to get around to swatching this palette (soon I promise) but it has to be one of my best beauty purchases of 2014! It is from Makeup Revolution and the palette is called Flawless. It contains 32 colours, a mix of mattes and metallic and shimmer shadows. I can create a nearly nude contoured eye, or go completely dramatic with the bold colours. I also purchased three lipsticks from Makeup revolution which I have been wearing, but I am not as obsessed with them as the quality is not as amazing. I will blog later and explain further!


If you follow any of my fashion posts you will see that I am Zara obsessed, and now I am Zara home obsessed. Ok so I am not exactly breaking the bank on furniture or anything but I could not resist treating myself to this leopard print silk eye mask and pony skin effect leopard 2015 diary.



After a fantastic week at the Web Summit, we headed out for dinner and the most amazing cocktails at Kinara Kitchen in Ranelagh. The food was really nice, but I am not a lover of Indian/ Pakistani cuisine so I was not to adventurous with my meal. The cocktails were on another level though. The bar itself is hidden upstairs, like a little speakeasy, and although it has a menu, the mixologist prefers to create drinks based on your tastes. I told him that I like Vodka based drinks with fruit flavours, but nothing too sweet, and he created the most delicious Mandarin and lime cocktail! I would recommend this bar to everyone and anyone who enjoys a delicious cocktails and cool atmosphere.


Conor’s birthday was on October 25th and one of the presents I gave him was this gorgeous rose gold and black leather watch from ASOS. I was hoping he wouldn’t want to wear it all the time so that I could borrow it, but so far I have only been able to wear it once, as he never takes it off! I love the feeling when you give someone a gift and they genuinely love it.


The middle of November marked the one year anniversary of Conor and I moving home from Las Vegas to Dublin. The year I spent there was absolutely incredible and I regularly reminisce and read my Leaving Las Vegas post, which sums up my year there.


It s beautiful sight when Dublin experiences stunning blue skies in the middle of November. I took this picture by Trinity in Dublin city center.


A couple of times a year I love to get together with my friend Deborah who I have known for about 10 years now. Although we don’t see each other as often as we would like, when we do get together it is like no time has passed at all. On this particular night I laughed so hard I almost had a six-pack going home…. almost.


I posted about my visit to San Lorenzos for Brunch with my friend Greta. I am dying to go back, as they have updated their menu and it looks even more amazing and delicious now!


I also posted about my outfit and makeup from this brunch date, which you can read here.

IMG_6225 IMG_6226

After 3 long years I upgraded my iPhone 4s to an iPhone 6! Now you may think 3 years, that’s pretty good going for a phone, but check out my mum phone above, yes that is a Nokia 6310i… so we are talking about 10 years old! Basically an antique in terms of tech, so gave her my old iPhone, I am hoping that this weekend she will get around to getting a sim card for it so she can actually get rid of that Nokia once and for all.


My favourite nail colour at the moment is burgundy, and I recently posted about this exact polish, which you can see here.


My last post was about my trip to Bucharest in Romania last month. A place in the world that I never particularly intended on visiting, but had a fantastic trip there! Below is a picture of me with my friend Tiernan who organised the entire trip, and kept the destination a secret until we arrived at the airport. You can read all about my trip here.



I attended Lovin Dublin live last month, which took place at the Grand Canal theatre, and I could not resist the opportunity to take a picture of Dublin looking so beautiful. These are not actual Christmas lights, this is what this area looks like all year around!


Unfortunately the same cannot be same for Grafton street, as these lights are only out for Christmas, but the entire street is so much more magical and beautiful because of them. I work around the corner from Grafton street a couple of days a week, and I love leaving work as it is dark and I can really appreciate the lights.


While in Bucharest my expert face brush bit the dust, I have to put my hands up and take full responsibility as I was not all that gentle when washing it recently, which caused the glue to come undone and the hairs to fall out. Since then I have found a very effective and gentle way to clean my brushes, which you can read here.

Anyway, I headed to Boots to get a new Real Techniques brush, and ended up picking up so much more, as usual. I actually needed a new Micellar water as my last bottle was low (it lasted 3-4 months!!!!) and of course I then got sucked in my the 3 for 2 and treated myself to a primer, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss and a dark concealer which I was hoping I could use for contouring.


The shopping center beside my house is not usually insta- worthy but this Christmas they have gone all out with lights and decorations and it looks beautiful.


I ended my month with a cheeky little drink on a Sunday evening with the fire lit and X-factor, what better way to spend a cold Sunday night?

I will have plenty of posts up between now and Christmas, but I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Thank you to all of my readers for your support this year and I hope 2015 is fantastic year for you!

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xox 

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.26.33

If you need any help with your gift shopping, I have put together a couple of lists to help. Click here to see more. 


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