Bucharest Baby | Travelling to Romania

About two months ago a friend of mine sent out a group mail, he was planning a trip away, the price was €150 (flights and accommodation) but he wouldn’t tell us where we would be going until we arrived at the Airport. I jumped at the opportunity, I love to travel, and I wanted to take advantage of this adventure. In the past I would have hesitated, but as I get older I realise that these opportunities are rare, and should be seized when possible.

Obviously the title spoils the surprise, but two Fridays ago we headed to Dublin airport and discovered we were heading to Bucharest in Romania.


My cute little kitten wanted to come in my suitcase.

I was travelling with my Louis Vuitton Speedy and Silver Cabin size suitcase, we were not checking any backage, so space for my clothes and makeup etc was limited.


After a short flight (about 3 hours) we arrive in Bucharest and headed to our Hostel. This was my first time staying in a hostel, so I was a little nervous and was not sure about what to expect, I definitely like my comforts . I was pleasantly surprised, the Cozyness Hostel was adorable and quirky while being very comfortable. When I say comfortable, my bunk bed was clean and comfortable, there were no king size beds. The bathroom was functional, but not exactly the epitome of glamour. Many of the walls were covered in chalkboards, like the above, which were decorated very brightly by all of the visitors the hostel receives.



IMG_5909  IMG_5908IMG_5907 IMG_5906

Night one we headed to Old Town, which seems to be the tourist strip of the city, a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs. We ventured around to a couple of bars and clubs and the evening was a lot of fun, but a little hazy. I could not believe how affordable it was to go out in Bucharest, on average a vodka and coke (basically a double because the measures were huge) cost about €2.50, maybe less!!!! INSANE!

It is November so I dressed appropriately and wore:

Faux Fur Jacket // ASOS

Cream Top // Penneys

Leather Leggings // Zara

Snake Heels // Zara 


The next day, a little worse for wear, we headed to this CRAZY room where we were locked inside with a ‘Bomb’ which would detonate within 60 minutes. Within the 60 minutes we had to follow clues to unlock padlocks, translate codes and find symbols to eventually disarm the bomb. It is safe to say that my cheap vodkas the night before impaired my ability to play sherlock and our bomb exploded once the time ran out. If you are interested in finding out more, click here.

After our puzzle room we headed to a sports bar where we watched the Irish rugby match and enjoyed a couple more drinks.


This was a picture taken in the Hostel before we headed back out to Old Town on night two. Due to packing restrictions (I only had carry on luggage) I had to repeat most of my outfit from the night before, but with a wine peplum top instead of the cream blouse. My faux fur jacket, leather pants and snake heels went perfectly.


This is me with Tiernan, who organised the entire trip, on our way back to the airport on Sunday. I wish I had more pictures to share with you, and I wish I had taken part in a couple more tourist activities, but the trip went by so fast. I had a fantastic time and I would recommend a trip to Bucharest for anyone who likes to travel and experience something new, it is really beautiful and unbelievably affordable.


I found these tiny nutellas in the airport and knew my sisters would go bananas for them. I was so happy to find the perfect Romanian souvenir, even if its not technically Romanian.

Have you travelled to Bucharest before? Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xox 


My last trip away was to NYC, you can see the details here. 


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