DIY Hair Treatment Mask | Honey and Rapeseed Oil

Lately I have noticed my hair lacks a certain shine and silkyness, and this is probably down to regular colouring and constant heat styling. I decided I wanted to go down the DIY route, as I have found an amazing DIY facemask which works wonders, and though I could discover a hair one that delivers great results too.


Olive oil was a popular option, but I only had rapeseed oil in the house so I checked out if there were any benefits from this oil. I read online that Rapeseed oil contains high levels of Vitamin E and A, Omege 3 and 6, all of which prevents the scalp from drying and protects hair from cold wind and moisture. Sounds perfect for what I am looking for, particularly with the time of year that it is.

Another ingredient that repeatedly popped up, and usually mixed with an oil, was Honey. Apparently Honey is great for dry or damaged hair as it attracts moisture. It is full of antioxidants and nutrients which feed hair follicles and encourage growth.

The third ingredient that seemed incredibly popular was Egg, which made total sense as Eggs are a protein food and our hair is made of protein. After a little research I decided that Egg was not an ingredient I wanted to include, as I read beauty bloggers claim that washing they mask off in warm water caused the egg to scramble, and it became almost impossible to get out of the hair. That is gross! No thank you.

The Mask: 

So I had my two ingredients, rapeseed oil and honey, I mixed them together using two parts oil and one part honey. Applied the mask all over my hair, which was tougher than I initially thought it would be, as the honey was incredibly sticky. Once applied, I locked my hair inside of a hair cap and let sit for an hour before I washed it out. Washing it out was actually a tough job, once again down to the stickiness of the honey. I used a lot of shampoo to shift the mask completely, and it took longer than usual.


Small note; the smell is strange, but doesn’t linger after washing the hair out.


My hair didn’t feel much softer once dried, I barely noticed a difference until the next day. Usually day 2 of my hair see it fuzz out and loose control, but it was actually a lot more maintained this time.  I did notice a little more shine to my hair, although I was half expecting a glossy shiny result that would rival a haircare ad.

While researching online I did see a lot of people recommend using the mask once to twice a week every week but I honestly do not think I would be able for that, maybe a monthly treatment! To be honest the honey was high maintenance, washing it out took a lot of time. Next time I think I may try and the oil alone and see if this delivers results.


This is a hair selfie while working the next day. My hair was much more manageable and kept its style for the day.  



Has anyone tried a DIY Hairmask before? Any recommendations on what ingredients I should try next?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xox 


My last hair colour was at Saphora in Dundrum, see the results here. 



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