Washing Makeup Brushes | DIY Brush Cleaner |

Washing makeup brushes can be a hassle, but completely essential! I personally wear makeup most days so I try to wash my brushes once a week, and it usually takes up 30-45 mins, not that bad.

The reason for cleaning brushes once a week is simple, there can be a buildup of product and bacteria in your brush and if you continue to apply it to your face you could end up with a break-out, or worse. You will also see a huge improvement in how well your makeup looks when using a clean, fresh brush. When I think back at how relaxed I used to be about washing my brushes, and how I would do it once every couple of months, I CRINGE! Thankfully that was a very long time ago, and now I am a lot better at keeping my brushes nice and clean.


I have tried several techniques and found one that I really love now, as it is very easy and quick. Up until recently I was rinsing my brushes several times and washing them like I would my own hair, using both shampoo and conditioner. It gave a great result but was extremely time-consuming, it could take over an hour if I was washing every brush I own. This techniques takes one rinse, after mixing the brush in a DIY cleanser.

  1. After trial and error this is my favourite technique, so you will need Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shampoo. Mix on a plate, two parts shampoo to 1 part EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). The shampoo is for cleansing and the EVOO is to soften the brushes.
  2. Taking one brush at a time, swirl the brush hairs around in the mix for a few seconds, then run back and forth across the palm of your hand. Remember to be gentle, the bristle or soft and only glued in place, so anything to rough could ruin your brush forever. At this point you should see the makeup release from the brush onto your hand.
  3. Be careful not to get any product or water at any time past the metal tip of the brushes. This is where the hairs are glued in place and if it is disturbed you could ruin your brush. (It has happened to me before and once the glue loosens the brush is ruined).
  4. Once I have swirled the brush in the mixture and my hand, I place it on an old cloth or towel while I continue to clean the rest of the brushes.
  5. Once you have swirled each brush in the DIY cleanser, take all of your brushed to a sink and rinse in lukewarm water. You will want to gently stroke the brushes across your palm, releasing the makeup and mixture, and do not want to burn yourself.
  6. Remember, you do not want the base of the brushes to get wet, where they are glued, so I hold them in a slightly downward angle, being aware to only wash off the cleanser and makeup.
  7. Now take an old tee-shirt or cloth and reshape your brushes, then lay out on a towel to dry. Depending on where you leave them (warm or cold room) it can take up to 24 hours for the brushes to completely dry, so time it for when you know you won’t need your brushes.




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That’s it, easy peasy!

Do you have any tips or tricks for cleaning makeup brushes?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xox 


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