Halloween 2014 | DIY Halloween Costume

I am so sad Halloween is over! It is my favourite time of year, I just LOVE getting dressed up and doing crazy make up!!

Last minute I did have to change my costume, but I am very happy with my Vampire look.

I was planning on dressing up as a Cat Burglar, I had black cat ears with a fish net face mask, a black and white stripe off the shoulder top, black leather trousers and a burlap bag which I had drawn a huge $ dollar sign on. I was also going to layer a lot of pearls and jewellery, which would have been part of my stolen look!

Basically when I put it all together on Friday night, I just didn’t feel like it looked good. In my head it was going to be fabulous, but it just didn’t work out well. OH WELL! I had a lot of fake blood and quickly switched to a vampire who had been bitten recently, but had also just fed, so a lot of blood!




DSCN0840  DSCN0839

This is what I was initially wearing, but I changed it slightly before I left the house.


I loved my sister’s costume as a demon.


DSCN0845     DSCN0842

I then did Conor’s make up and costume. About 3 hours beforehand that tee shirt was bright white and brand new, I used a lot of fake blood for his zombie look! His make up was really easy to do, I had practiced it on myself a few weeks ago, see post here.

IMG_5045   DSCN0843

Then we headed to a friend’s house where I had more makeovers to do, three skulls! I thought they turned out pretty well, but I had also practiced this look on myself, see post here.




With everyone ready we headed into town and enjoyed our night at 4 Dame lane. I had a fantastic night with friends.

I hope you had a happy Halloween!


Thank you for reading, 

Gina xox 


On a completely different pace, I bought my first ear cuff, read about it here. 


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