Vita Liberata 2-3 week pHenomenal Tan | False Tanning Lotion

This is the second time I am wearing Vita Liberata 2-3 week pHenomenal tan, previously I have used the mousse and LOVED it, and this time I am testing the lotion.

A 2-3 week tan sounds too good to be true, but I did get about 2 weeks out of the mousse, so expect good things from the lotion too. To achieve a tan that lasts the 2-3 weeks, you need to apply to lotion 3 times, while showering in between. This is a little high maintenance for 3 days, but worth it if you are looking for a long lasting colour. I applied one layer at night, allowed it to develop over night and showered in the morning, and repeated this for two more evenings.

Without repeat application, the colour will still last about 4-5 days depending on how you treat your skin. Obviously a body scrub will help take the colour away, while a body butter can help it last longer and fade evenly.

IMG_4863             IMG_4866

Can you tell which is the before and after? Ha! I was tan free before I applied the lotion and I was so happy with the colour I instantly achieved. This is the guide colour, but the developed colour is the same. So now the question is Lotion or Mousse?

Both tans deliver an amazing colour, but I think I have to lead towards the Mousse, down to the ease of application. The lotion is very thick and takes a little bit of elbow grease to evenly rub in across the skin. Only a tiny bit of the lotion comes out at a time, so it can be a little more time consuming. The Mousse is very light and airy and can be spread across the skin with much more ease, and you can cover more of your skin faster.

Both the Mousse and the Lotion dry very quickly, but I would wait until you have washed off the guide colour before wearing your favourite white dress/ shirt/ jeans etc.


Overall I give the tan a 4.5/5. The colour is amazing, it really does last if you invest the time to apply it, and the smell is not bad or overpowering at all. The only negative is the little ammount of product that is dispensed at a time,  and that it is so thick and needs a little bit of force to apply evenly.

Shop this tan here. 

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


The perfect accessory to a false tan, is a faux fur jacket. 


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