Pretty and Punk | eBay Ear Cuff | Diamonds | Pearls

I have FINALLY joined the cool kids club with a pretty/ punk ear cuff! I have admired the style for a really long time, but couldn’t find one that suited my style, UNTIL I stumbled across this one on eBay!

It is very pretty and feminine, a lot of faux diamonds and pearls that wraps up a the bottom half of the ear. It has a stud for pierced ears at the bottom and a clip on area for the top, to keep it hooked on the ear.

IMG_4951    IMG_4952

This is my first ear cuff so I want to ask, are they supposed to clip on so tight? My ear was pretty tender after wearing it for a few minutes, so I am wondering if that’s something that loosens over time, or that you just have to get over and deal with?! I can live with it, it’s not unbearable, I am just very aware that I am wearing an ear cuff.

I still love it, I think it looks so pretty, and I have the option of wearing a tiny pearl or diamond (faux) earring in my other ear if I like.

Now for the price… how does €3.50 sound? The only catch is that it is shipped from China and takes about a month to get to Ireland. If you order it now, you will have it in time for the festive party season!

faux diamond and pearl ear cuff earring

You can buy it here. 

Any recommendations of ear cuffs for this season?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xox 

double pearl earrings, ebay, dior

I bought a pair of double pearl earrings on ebay a couple of months ago, see them here. 


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