Jameson Cult Film Club | Friday the 13th part 2

My little snapchat shots cannot convey to you just how cool these Jameson Cult Film Club nights are. I am very lucky that this is my third time attending one of these events, and they are the most extraordinary experiences one can have while enjoying a movie. Jameson will transform a venue so that it looks just like a set from the film, and actors representing characters from the movie will not break from their role! It is such a cool experience, and I hope to go to a couple more of these in the future.


Jameson take every aspect from the movie they possibly can, and recreate it in a very authentic way; no cheese at all!

The movie was Friday the 13th part 2, which is set at Lake Crystal Summer camp, so of course we are greeted with a toasty campfire on arrival. Small tents scattered throughout the green, and wooden tables and benches meant that we had a comfortable place to wait before the doors opened.

When we entered the R.D.S. hall, the entire room had been transformed to a creepy Summer camp at night, with wooden benches, clothing lines, cabins and shrubbery. Not only did it look like a Summer camp, but there were several actors moving around the crowd, playing actors from the movie.

  • Scared girl was running for her life and hiding amongst the crowd and in the shadows. She genuinely did look terrified and ran like a murderer was chasing her.
  • Doomed Man cycling around on his bike, telling us we will not survive and we are DOOOOOOMED!
  • Jason was creeping in the shadows sporting a burlap sack over his head and bringing a genuinely creepy vibe to the place.

The details that went into this evening really made the night fantastic. Messages of warning could even be found in the bathroom.


(not a great picture, but I am wearing my new Zara jacket that I blogged about on Friday)

IMG_4849     IMG_4836

Conor and I enjoyed a couple of Jameson and Ginger, a personal favourite of mine. The picture quality is not great as the room was pretty dark and gloomy, but you get the idea.


Before the movie started we got to enjoy some complimentary drinks and food. The atmosphere is always great at these evenings, and the hall was pretty packed. When the movie started it was actually more of a comedy than a horror movie, as most of the audience actually laughed every time Jason appeared on-screen.

Tickets to these events cannot be bought, you can get lucky if you join the cult film club here. Also keep an eye out for competitions online for tickets.

 Has anyone else attended the Jameson events?

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.03.50

I wore my new leather jacket that night, see what other leather goodies I bought at Zara here. 


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