Dealz make up range | €1.49

Yes you read that title correctly: Dealz Ireland are launching a make up range! And just like everything else in their shop, each product costs €1.49!!!!! That is not the starting price, that is the price of each and every product! INCREDIBLE. I was delighted to go to the launch earlier in the month, where I also got a sneak peek at what Dealz have in store for Christmas. I will have a post on that soon, but spoiler alert, it’s exciting!


If you are like me, you will instantly roll your eyes and think ‘what kind of quality can you actually get from €1.49?’, and the answer is: Pretty good. I am not going to lie and say every single product is the best I have ever used, but there is potential to swap out a product or two in your makeup bag for a really affordable alternative.


IMG_4694 IMG_4695

Dealz foundation is on top, Urban Decay Naked is below.

 The foundation is water based so it is light, but not as light as the Naked foundation. The coverage can be built up but a little bit goes a very long way, so ensure that you apply small amounts at a time and blend. I doubt I would use this foundation on a night out, but I could use it for days when I need a little coverage on my face while running errands etc.

Liquid liner:


Dealz grey liner to the left (weird smiley face), Revlon black liner to the right. Right after I swatched these liners I jumped in the shower, I thought it was really interesting that the Revlon liner washed away instantly without any shower gel, while the Dealz liner needed a little help.

I tested this grey colour, which I was actually very impressed with. I am not the greatest at applying liquid liner myself, I cannot draw a straight line (evidence above). I really like the colour and it lasted on my eyes all day, what more can I ask for? I think this liner will be great for anyone who does want to experiment with colours, like grey.


So I have actually been using both of these mascaras regularly as they are great for everyday eyes. I apply both mascaras one after another and here is why: The Never Ending mascara has tiny fibres in the formula, which stick to your lashes giving a fuller look. I then apply the plump up mascara over it to seal in the fibers and give the lashes a sleek finished look.


Again I am using the Good to Glow bronzer almost daily. Using my real techniques contour brush I have been applying it under my cheek bones and blending it along my hair-line. It blends easily and gives the skin a sun-kissed glow where applied. This bronzer is brilliant for anyone who has a habit of smashing their powders (myself included), and great for a an everyday glow.

Lip liner: 


Dealz liner to the left and Maybelline to the right. The pigment of both liners is very similar.

I like to have a lip pencil to match my lipstick so this range is perfect for expanding my lip liner collection. The pigment is very impressive in this lip liner and I used it to fill in my entire lip before applying lipstick, which helped keep the colour on my lips for longer.



Dealz lipstick to the left, YSL to the right. The pigment in the YSL lipstick is stronger than the Dealz one, but not by a whole lot.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the pigment in this lipstick, and it actually lasted for hours when I applied it over the liner and applied powder in between applications. Everyone was so surprised that the lipstick cost only €1.49 when I told them.

IMG_4697 IMG_4696

Here is my finished face, I used all of the products above and added a couple from my own collection.

I am very impressed with the range, from what I have tested. As I mentioned before, these products may not rival luxury high-end brands, but there are some great products here that can be added to your makeup collection.

Find out more here.

Do you think you will try out some of the collection?

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx  

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.05.44

I recently treated myself to a couple of items from Zara, see them here. 


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