Leopard Life | Halloween Costume DIY

This post is actually a two for the price of one type of deal: If you decide that you do not want to paint a little leopard pattern on your face, then backcomb your hair, add an extra layer or tan and you are a Real Housewife of New Jersey/ a cast member of the Jersey Shore!

The other bonus is that Leopard print is beautiful, and basically a nuetral (it goes with everything), so you have just added some fabulous pieces to your wardrobe if you do but a new dress/ jacket/ bag/ pair of shoes etc.


A couple of years ago, myslef and my bestfriend Greta dressed up as Tigers for Halloween, although thinking of it now I am not sure why we wern’t leopards?! Between the two of us we have Leopard EVERYTHING! Bags, Skirts, Tops, Dresses, Blazers, Scarfs, Shoes…. EVERYTHING.


We wore a simple long sleeve dress with Tiger print, faux fur gilets and nude shoes. Our hair was backcombed for that ‘Lion Manes’ look and we used bronzer and liquid liner to create the tiger stripes on our face.


At Electric Picnic I had my face painted leopard print by my sister’s friend Clarissa, who used gold and silver shadow with black face paint to create this really cool design. Here is an easy to follow tutorial from Youtube which can help.

What to Wear:

Usually I would not recommend overdoing leopard print, but on this occasion, the more the better.

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I love this two piece look from Miss Selfridge, both pieces make fabulous seperates, but together it is a very chic way to wear Leopard print allover. Shop here: TOP // SKIRT


I actually just bought a similar pair of heels in snake print, and that is the main reason why I have yet to buy these lace up sandals from Missguided. Obvioulsy as a leopard, these shoes are perfect, but also imagine them with a little black dress, a pair of skinny jeans, just about anything! As I mentioned before, Leopard print is a neutral in my eyes. (also available in black and beige)



Who doesn’t look adorable in a pair of ears? This pair from Topshop are two of my favourite things: Leopard and Leather!


This is just a very small idea of how you could put this costume together, and I actually have a lot of other leopard print pieces that you can shop right here.

 Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 17.23.15 Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 17.23.33 Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 17.23.41

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx

Red Devil, Halloween Costume, Pinterest Inspiration.

Another incredibly easy look to put together is this red devil, click here. 


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