Zombie Nation | Halloween DIY Costume

In the past I have attempted to do a Zombie look without any guidance from the Makeup artists of the world and ended up looking closer to the Joker than the undead, so I have found an easy to find tutorial to share with you that really helped me.

The only real difference that I made was that I used a white face paint as a base, as I wanted a paler look. The lipstick I chose was Rimmel Kate Moss in 107, and I used my In The Buff palette from W7 for the brown and black shadows.

I didn’t have blood to apply so I know it would have looked 10 times better with blood stains around my mouth and in other areas.

IMG_4584  IMG_4598  IMG_4594


I got my hands on some fake blood  in Dealz (€1.49) this weekend and recreated the look.

IMG_4905 IMG_4902

SOOOO much creepier!!!!! 

The costume itself opens you up to get really creative, but I would suggest buying something cheap and cheerful or using items that you are ready to throw away as you will most likely be staining and ripping them.

You really have so many options for the outfit as you can take any persona and make it ‘Zombie’ eg. Zombie school girl, Zombie Nun, Zombie bride, Zombie ANYTHING.

  • Step one of Zombification of your clothing is ripping; now a clean cut from a scissors will not do, so first decide where you want your rips and frays to occur. Next take a scissors or blade (very carefully) and make a small cut, then to make the rip look authentic, use your hands to rip it the rest of the way. If it is not disheveled enough at that point, you can use the blade or some sandpaper to to fray the fabric further.
  • The next step is not essential and one of the most dangerous so please do not attempt it unless you are in a safe place and have plenty of water or a fire extinguiser on hand (I would actually recommend doing this in the garden and having a hose close by). Take a lighter and singe areas of the clothing, you really want to look like you have been to hell and back, and that may have included a fire or two. Be aware of how flammable the clothing is, as artificial fabrics can burn up quickly.
  • While in the garden, adding burns, pick up a little bit of dirt or mud and add stains around the clothing. You want to rub the stains in well so that they look older and well set.
  • After allowing that stain to set, move on a sink or bath and break out the blood. Think about where you were bitten and also, when you bite your victims, where their blood would stain would stain your clothing. To get the drips right, I would recommend hanging the item on a hanger in the shower or over a bath, then dripping blood from the top and allowing it to fall down and drip, giving a natural effect. You can also take some blood on your hands and leave bloody hand marks and smudges around the costume, think of your victims and where there hands would be placed if they were trying to get away from you. (I am starting to feel very serial killer-ish writing these instructions… and using the word victim).
  • At this point your costume should look dirty, stained and ripped, and you will look like you have been through hell and back. The final step after costume and makeup is hair, and this step is pretty easy, you just want to be having a bad hair day. Whether it is scruffy, unkempt, backcombed or frizzy, have fun with your hair, throw your hair upside down and shake it out.


Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.57.20

Need  to make some costume purchases? I have put together a shoppable list here featuring fake blood, distressed jeans and everything else needed for your Zombie look. 

By now you should look like a messy, bloodthirsty Zombie. Enjoy and happy haunting,

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx


If a Zombie isn’t your thing, maybe a skeleton will be? See my DIY post here. 


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