Skeleton Costume | DIY Halloween

Beware, this skeleton costume takes serious makeup skills, skills that I do not possess. Although I have practiced this look several times, I can never get it looking just the way I like it. If I were to do this costume then I would book in with a professional makeup artists, but I have also included a tutorial below, if you have the necessary skills.

For the actual costume I would say a simple black dress, or whatever you feel comfortable in. Simplicity is key, as the makeup is going to be anything but!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 19.47.51

Topshop plunge neck dress // Shop here

Any excuse to buy a classic black dress. What I love about this one is the low-cut at the front and back, as this allows you to showcase some ghastly shading around your bones on your chest and back. For that look I would take a black powder eyeshadow and apply it around my bones, making them appear more pronounced.

As I mentioned, this look is ALL about the makeup! So either start practicing now, or book an appointment with a professional makeup artist who can bring this look to life.

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There is so much detail here, I did try to do something similar on Conor a couple of years ago and this was the end result:


I do not posses the skills of a professional, but he was pretty happy with his look. I may have also had one or two drinks before hand… but he was fine with it.

I found this fabulous YouTube tutorial which can help you create a scary skeleton.


UPDATE: I tried out this look myself on Sunday and this was the result. Practice makes perfect but I am really happy with this first attempt using white and black face paint and a little bit of black eyeshadow. Please link me to your looks by commenting below or @ginakiely1 on Instagram.

If you need anymore skeleton pieces, then shop my favourites here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.57.24

I AM SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN! Do you know what you are dressing up as? Comment below if you want to share.

Thank you for reading, 

Gina xxx 


My Wednesday Addams costume DIY post is here. 


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