My Blanket/ Cape for Autumn | TK Maxx bargain

Like most of my shopping trips, defining whether it was successful or not is difficult. I did buy something, just not what I initially set out to buy. I visited TK Maxx in Stephens Green to grab some beauty bits, I am obsessed with their beauty department! I did find the Macadamia oil that I was looking for, I just didn’t find the other beauty products I had wanted. The discounts at TK Maxx are brilliant, but it can be a little hit and miss, depending on how busy they have been.

I had no intention of buying a blanket/ cape (I still haven’t decided what I want to call it), but they were right beside the beauty shelves, and I couldn’t help but browse. I found this black and red pattern one for €20.00 so I was delighted, but moved out of there quickly before I made any more spur of the moment decisions.

IMG_4289  IMG_4288

I love my cool blanket, I was playing around with it, wearing it as a jacket and belting at the waist. When the colder weather sets in I can also wear it over a leather jacket like below.

   IMG_4294 IMG_4292

I love how versatile these pieces are, it’s like a cardigan, jacket, scarf all in one.

I am also wearing: 

New Look Leather Jacket // Similar here

Zara Black Tee // Similar here

ASOS Black Jeans // Similar here

River Island Silver Flats // Shop here

Louis Vuitton Speedy // Similar here

I know the picture don’t show the colours well, so I took two close up shots. Depending on my mood, I can reverse the cape to be red with black stripes, or visa versa. There is also black fringe/ tassels along the edge. This piece really hits several trends all at once.

IMG_4296 IMG_4297

Unfortunately TK Maxx do not have an online store, but I have selected several capes / blankets / ponchos for you to browse.

Click here to shop my favourite Blankets / Capes 


How are you wearing your blankets/ capes? Also, what are you calling them???? I need to decided on a word already! ha

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx


Read my skincare routine here, it is very simple and really affordable! 


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