Anastasia Beverly Hills | Eyebrows | DIY | Review


I recently posted about my amazing birthday gifts, and one of them was the eyebrow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills, a product I have been lusting after for so long!

I am one of those people who have non-existent/ very fair eyebrows naturally so I need all the help I can get. I usually do get HD Brows, but I have not had a chance to get them done in a while so they are even fairer than usual.  Even with HD Brows, I still have to fill in my eyebrows daily, I was just not blessed with full and beautiful brows, so I DIY!

One tip I have picked up over the years is that the colour of your eyebrows should be one shade lighter than the roots of your hair.

For anyone who has similar brows to mine, I have included a step by step of how I fill in mine.

What I use: 


Yes it is a little weird that I use two different brushes, but you will see why in a minute.


So here are my non-existent brows, there actually is a lot of hair there, but its blond.

  • Step 1: 

I take the angle brush, and get a small amount of product on the brush (a small amount goes a long way). Going against the hair growth direction, and staying within the main brow area. This is to make sure that the brow looks full at the end, and do not look patchy.


  • Step 2: 

With the angle brush I will outline my brows, draw a line along the bottom and the top. I take my time at this point, if the outline goes wrong it can be a disaster.Both lines should join at the end of the brow, however the end closest to the nose should be left open.


  • Step 3:

Now it is time to introduce the Real Techniques brush. This brush is fuller and allows me to blend the products on the brows and fill in any gaps. If necessary I can apply more product with this brush, but ensure all of the product is blended before applying more.

With the area closest to the nose, I brush upwards, in the natural direction of the hair.


And the final look: 

As you can see the difference between both of my brows is insane. I am addicted to this product and the natural looking, fuller brows it gives.


And the very final look. after applying all of my make up. Obviously full eyebrows can look a little much without any other make on. This is honestly my everyday brow routine, but for those of you blessed with fabulously full eyebrows it should be a lot easier.


Who else is using this amazing product?

Thanks for reading, 

Gina xxx 


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